May 27, 2022

When you know someone is paying for your food, there’s a vague rule – don’t choose the most expensive item on the menu.

So a mother from the United States got angry when she invited her daughter’s friend to dinner, just to order “expensive” seafood for dinner.

TikTok / @ outterwear

Pamela Davis, from the United States, describes how she was shocked when she offered to treat her daughter to dinner with Paul – only then did she choose the precious seafood. Wanted[/caption]

In the short clip, Pamela Davis can be seen taking a video of a friend’s plate with a pile of expensive lobster and other expensive seafood.

And the revelation that the girl had made a mistake in ordering whatever she thought has sparked a lot of discussion online.

Many people went to the comments section and agreed that they too would be left in the lurch.

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One wrote, “Heartless,” the other wrote: “Snow crab + prawn + stuffed potato? That bold bold.”

A third added: “I would be very embarrassed if my friend did this to my mother. A fourth commented:” Do I always try to order the cheapest thing? “

Another joked: “I’m afraid to order anything when I’m with my friends’ parents.”

However, others took the opportunity to defend the daughter’s friend.

“Look … that’s why I hate when people offer to pay!” One written. “I’ll pay for it myself and be able to get what I want. I hate ordering something I don’t.”

Another agreed: “When you offer to pay, you can’t be mad at people who place orders at will. Then don’t make an offer.”

TikTok / @ outterwear

The revelation that the girl had made a mistake in ordering what she had thought has sparked a lot of discussion online.[/caption]

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