May 26, 2022

A wise woman has revealed how she turned a small alley of her house into a vegetable garden so that she could grow all her own produce.

Yazmin Hayton, 30, from Manchester, is on a gardening trip. InstagramHe said that in the beginning he was not interested in growing his own food.


Yazmin Hayton turned the backyard of his house into a vegetable garden.Credit:
She grows and harvests all her own fruits and vegetables.


She grows and harvests all her own fruits and vegetables.Credit:
She makes many healthy recipes from her products, which saves her hundreds.


She makes many healthy recipes from her products, which saves her hundreds.Credit:

He told the money-saving community “I grew up with parents who grew their own food, but I wasn’t really interested until I had my own home.

“But after settling in our house, I realized that it would be nice to have a nice garden, in which I could take things that I could take in and eat right away. Besides, it’s a great hobby. There was something I could do at home, but still get out and do some exercise! “

But creating a garden from scratch was not an easy task for the policy officer to start from scratch.

Yazmin added: “I live in a small, thatched-roof house. It has taken some creativity and inspiration from others locally, but I first planted small pots and plants in my own yard. And started growing hanging baskets.

“Then I started clearing my sectarian street with some neighbors, as some other nearby streets did.

“After clearing the dumped rubbish and weeds, we started removing pots, soil, seeds, plants, etc. and started planting. Although it is a common place, it is very quiet and beautiful even though we are a Are in busy area

“Initially, we needed any supply that we could get to grow crops in the soil. We used cycling buckets, containers, cheap or free pots, etc. above.

“We bought pot-free soil from the shop. Eventually, we were awarded a neighborhood improvement fund by our local council, which allowed us to buy large wooden beds, tons of soil and fertilizer, and more plug plants. And invested in seeds.

“It took a total of a few days to build and fill the extended beds. The street maintenance is regular, but the better it looks, the more people involved and the less time it takes for the individual.

“We initially bought a lot of plug plants just to fill in the gaps and make sure we have some things soon, but now that we’re overcrowded, it’s winter. I plant with seeds for late summer / early spring and autumn crops. “

Yazmin’s vegetable garden started small, but has grown significantly since he had it.

He continued: “Initially we started in 2018 with some potatoes, but since then it has grown significantly and every year we try new things!

“So far I’ve grown potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, raspberries, peppers, peppers, lettuce, beans, chickpeas, strawberries, garlic, peels, green beans, sunflower seeds (sunflower seeds), cherries, radishes, red Cabbage, cucumbers and cucumbers are grown. Pumpkins I’m sure I’m forgetting some things too! “

Once the crops are ready, Yazmin can start preparing food that is not only budget-friendly, but also extremely healthy.

“I make classic things like roasted potatoes and carrots,” she says.

“I made fajita with peppers and peels, falafel with beans, salads, basically everything I normally have, but with local and fresh produce! Save

“One of my favorite recipes is falafel, which is made with beans in Egypt from where I originally came from. Make with cumin powder and soda bicarbonate.

“I make them thick but flat patties and fry them. You can also dip them in sesame seeds before frying, or freeze them to get fresh falafel all year round! Once the patties turn brown They are best served with tahini, fresh vegetables, patta roti and hummus.

Yazmin says you don’t have to be green with your fingers and you don’t have much time to prepare your plot.

“Anyone can let him go, no matter where he lives,” she says.

“I would advise people to try it! Some things are really easy to grow in pots or in the ground outside, like potatoes, and can feed you for months. You don’t need fancy goods or tons of space.

“There are often a lot of gardening things here, including plants, free bicycles and even on the Facebook Marketplace for free or cheap. I would also suggest if anyone is considering a similar community project, find out. Find out if grants are available to help with initial expenses and to include some neighbors.

“People have a lot of reasons to grow on their own. It’s fun and relaxing, it keeps you busy, but the big thing for me is that it reduces my environmental impact. I don’t grow all my own food. But I grow so much that I can eat it for most of the year.

“Sometimes I only get one small crop, enough for one or two meals, but it’s still a small change! I like to know that my small changes add up over time. And I know that sometimes it feels too much and we feel like we have to do everything or nothing, but the little things matter and even If you can’t do it every time, sometimes it’s good to do it!

Tom Church, co-founder of, said: “Yazmin is clearly dedicated to fruit and vegetable gardening – it’s great that he helped his community members to make room for the harvest. Worked together

“As he said, it only takes a few small changes to make a difference. Imagine the effects if we all did that.

Yazmin says you don't need a lot of space to grow a vegetable garden.


Yazmin says you don’t need a lot of space to grow a vegetable garden.Credit:
She says gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby.


She says gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby.Credit:

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