May 23, 2022

GEMMA Collins reveals traumatic abuse at the hands of trolls after bravely revealing his secret self-destructing past.

The reality TV star’s documentary on her childhood trauma aired tonight – and Gemma read out the demonic trolling she got for speaking out.


“Lots of attention. The only thing she bites is food to shovel in her face,” Gemma read aloud on her Channel 4 documentary Gemma Collins: Self-Harm & Me.

He looked shocked as he said: “I heard he cut his arm and the gravy came out.”

Another comment read: “You hate woman, this is all a lie.”

“This stupid cow will say anything to sell the story.”

Gemma continued reading: “Shut up Piggy, no one cares about you or your family, so shut up and disappear.”

But Brave Jemma insisted: “It doesn’t bother me.”

The 41-year-old has kept her self-harm secret for so long because she feared she would be “locked up forever” in a “mental shelter”.

Gemma explained that she would wear long sleeves to hide marks on her arms so that teachers and friends would never know.

The TV star said: “I hid it well. I didn’t do it every day or every week – it happened every two months.

“But when I did that I knew how to hide it. When I felt the pressure I just cut myself off and felt fine again. It was always on my arm and I felt like The tension is over.

“But I never understood why I did that. People don’t hurt themselves because they want to kill themselves. It’s really complicated.”

“When I was growing up, you didn’t talk about your problems or broadcast your dirty laundry to the public,” he continued.

“So when I started hurting myself, I couldn’t tell anyone because I thought I was going to shut up, not see my family or friends, and I was going to be in the shelter for the rest of my life.”

She said she never talked about self-harm because she was “scared.”

“I was getting very emotional and I couldn’t cope,” Jemma was heard saying. “It’s something I’ve buried for 20 years.”

In another scene, while talking to his mother John, the former Twi star admitted: “It’s not like a normal conversation you can have with someone.

“I never told anyone because it was embarrassing, I was scared. I wish I had the courage to ask for help.

“I could have saved myself a lot of pain.”

Gemma Collins said she kept the secret of self-harm because she feared she would be


Gemma Collins said she kept the secret of self-harm because she feared she would be “shut down forever.”Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

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