May 27, 2022
I wish Arshad would join Associate Director at Stephen Joseph Theater on Monday 21st February.
I wish Arshad would join Associate Director at Stephen Joseph Theater on Monday 21st February.

I wish I could join Stephen Joseph on Monday 21st February. In his 18 months, he will gain insights into what it means to be an artistic director. Spend time with all departments, including production, programming, literary, talent development, creative engagement, marketing, production and fundraising.

He will benefit from the guidance of Aatistic director Paul Robinson, will be an associate director in at least one show produced by Stephen Joseph, will work with a theatrical partnership degree at Coventry University Scarborough, and will direct a creative engagement production. Will

Paul Robinson said: “We are extremely grateful to Philip and Christine Corn for funding this role on an ongoing basis. This is an invaluable training opportunity and an invaluable asset for Stephen Joseph.”

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I wish Arshad said: “I am thrilled to be joining the Stephen Joseph Theater as Corn Associate Director. It is a real honor to see how a theater works with the community and to be a part of its journey over the next 18 months. I look forward to working with the entire team, immersing myself in Scarborough’s life and meeting Stephen Joseph’s wonderful audience and supporters. I can’t wait to get started. “

The role is funded annually by philanthropists Philip and Christine Carney. Philip Carney said: “The Carney Trust has a special interest in producing future theater directors, especially those who are interested in running their own theater space. We are delighted to partner with Stephen Joseph as a promising Working to support young directors in learning the essential elements of running a theater and assisting in in-house productions.

I wish I had been an actor for 15 years before I realized I wasn’t that good, so I decided that directing was my thing. He is now the director of the Freelance Theater in Halifax.

His recent directing credits include: An Adventure (Bolton Octagon); Oliver Twist (Chester Story House); 10 Nights (Gree / Spectacle / Bush Theater) Mountain, Moon Landing and Parallel – Part of Beyond Chinatown Signal Fire Project (New Earth Theater Company); Silent Statues (National Youth Theater); 13 and Love and Information (ALRA North); Guardians in the Crown (Lake Theater); Black teeth and a wonderful smile and BD stories (Freedom Studios); Airplay (Leeds Playhouse); Selfies kill more people than sharks (Oldham Coliseum) Partition Memories (Manchester Royal Exchange), Freefall (Rogue Bones).

He is also an Associate Artist of the National Youth Theater, Patron Director of the National Theater Connection and Director of the Northwest Acting Academy of the New Earth Theater.

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