August 10, 2022

A driving instructor has outlined three rules of the road that drivers often forget.

With so many different roads in the UK, it’s easy for motorists to forget a few things. Here are some tips to refresh your memory.


A driving expert has shared his key driving tips.Credit: Getty

Apple Golden, CEO to ensure best practice and safe driving at all times RED driving reveals the rules you should review.

Box junction and right turning principle

Most drivers know they shouldn’t enter the yellow box until the exit road or lane is clear.

Similarly, on signal cycles, drivers cannot enter the box unless they are able to cross it without stopping.

Although most drivers are familiar with these rules, there is one lesser known exception that people forget: Drivers are allowed to enter the box and wait there when their only obstacle in completing a turn is due to oncoming traffic. Is.

Junctions are controlled by traffic lights.

Not surprisingly, and according to the general guidelines of traffic lights, if the light is green, it is OK to cross the white ‘stop’ line (a solid white line, wider than other road signs).

Once the amber light appears, the driver should stop at the line and not move forward, unless a sudden stop collides.

The best advice is that as the driver approaches the green light, he should keep checking his windshield and anticipate that it is likely to change, so be prepared to stop.

Likewise, drivers should not cross the white line when the red light is visible, whether trying to find a way to work through an ambulance or other blue light responder.

Instead, drivers should stay where they are and allow a specially trained driver to calculate the best route.

Drivers can only move forward if the traffic lights are green if there is room to safely clear the junction or if they are taking a right turn position.

Just take it

As the name implies, a bus lane is a lane that is usually limited to buses on certain days and times, although on some routes, the bus lane can be used by taxis, bicycles and even motorcycles.

Bus lanes are commonly used to speed up public transport, which would otherwise be blocked due to traffic congestion.

Because of this, unless otherwise indicated, you should not drive in the bus lane during its operation and if found doing so at £ 160 in London and باہر 70 outside. Driving in the bus lane will be fined along with the normal fine. Capital.

Most bus lanes will have signs indicating that the bus lane is running, however if the times are not specified, drivers should assume that the lane runs 24 hours and if any non If used by an authorized person, a fine will be imposed. The car

While fines will be imposed, drivers will not receive any points on their licenses if they drive by mistake.

Apple Golden, CEO of Red Driving School


Apple Golden, CEO of Red Driving School
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