May 27, 2022

Happily married Anna Williamson is known as the guru of the famous celebs go dating relationship who advises the unfortunate stars to speak straight.

But despite being an experienced counselor and life coach, Anna admits that screaming with her husband in the lockdown caused a crisis in her marriage.


Anna Williamson with her seven-year-old husband, Alex de PascalCredit: Rex Features
The 40-year-old looked stunning at the launch of his star-studded book last week


The 40-year-old looked stunning at the launch of his star-studded book last weekCredit: Splash

After getting their relationship back on track, 40-year-old Anna was inspired to write a book. Where is the loveOn difficult topics that can save others who are struggling.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Anna explained: “The last two years have been very tumultuous in my relationship with myself.

“I’m happily married and I’m a relationship coach, but my God it’s hard when you have an unexpected situation.”

TV presenter Anna was married seven years ago to her toy boy’s husband Alex de Pascal, 33, and they have two children.

Anna describes her personal trainer Alex as a “very clear, smart and emotionally intelligent man”, but she speaks honestly about the pressures she has had in the Corona virus epidemic.

This led to critical talks as they tried to resolve their issues.

“Of course my own marriage is a mess,” admits Anna.

“My husband and I went into lockdown with a three and a half year old baby and a newborn baby.

“Suddenly my work went to the toilet because I work in the tele and my husband did not know what was happening to him.

“The carpet was pulled out from under our feet without any warning, like so many other couples.

“With this sudden change in dynamics, we were not ready for it and we parted ways.

“We were screaming and crying and foaming at the mouth. We didn’t know what we were doing.

“We had to really re-group immediately and think, ‘OK, if we’re going to get through that, we need to work as a team and get back on track.’

“I’m really happily married and my husband is a very clear, smart, emotionally intelligent man. . “

Her own marriage problems influenced the idea behind her new book, which is being released tomorrow.

Anna says she brought back her relationship with Alex in the best way possible:

  • Working as a team. Instead of focusing on what a person is thinking or feeling, acknowledge that you are both going through something.
  • Always make time to listen to each other. Instead of arguing about dirt or work, talk about your emotions.
  • Remember why you first came together and what you like about that person.

Anna continues: “People think their relationship is broken, but they are not. They just need help to communicate.

“Relationships have to work every single day. They are difficult, they are difficult, of course they are.

“Spending your whole life with one person is not always a rose bed.

“But before you get bogged down in the towel, there are many things you can do. It’s important to remember why you got together first. The book reflects the general issues that come up.”

  • Where is the love: Honest Guide to Dating and Relationships by Anna Williamson
  • Bloomsbury Posted on February 17 at £ 12.99. Available as paperback, audio and ebook.
Where is Anna in love with her celebrities?  Book launch


Where is Anna in love with her celebrities? Book launchCredit: Splash

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