May 27, 2022

This is an old question that everyone answers differently – how often should you wash your hair?

In 2015, two-thirds of women preferred shampoo daily, while one-third tried it two to three times a week.


Anya Brennan has had two years without foam.Credit: Deposit / Supply
The 24-year-old does not use any products on her hair


The 24-year-old does not use any products on her hairCredit: Deposit / Supply
Anya says that people often ask her to smell her hair.


Anya says that people often ask her to smell her hair.Credit: Deposit / Supply

But times – and trends – have changed, and now 60% of women claim that they are too busy washing their clothes.

Past lockdowns have made it easier to skip washdays, teaching yourself to wash your locks is getting over 100 million views with #HairTraining videos.

This process requires you to wash your hair yourself, gradually shampooing less to reach the schedule once a month.

Extending the time between washes makes your hair less dependent on products, a method that has allowed Anya Brennan to go two years without foam.

The 24-year-old administrator from Enfield, North London, says: “I no longer wash my hair with the product – it’s been two years.

“I tend to wash it with water about twice a week, sometimes if I’m exercising and I’m sweating. I started because I’m lazy and I have trouble washing my hair a few times a week. Could not be given

“Usually, people just stop washing their hair completely and then go through this really greasy time. Washed and done slowly.

“By the time I get to two weeks, my hair will be lubricated for a day or two, but I’ll just use a dry shampoo. Then I wash every two weeks for a while.

“Three months was a turning point for me, after which it completely stopped greasing.

“There used to be a point where I was dry for a week, but I left it and washed it off with water. Now I don’t have any burning sensation in the scalp – but when I washed it again and again I often felt greasy. Was

“In general, experts say that hair should be washed regularly to eliminate grease, grease and product build-up. However, Anya says that hairdressers now always comment on how healthy her hair is.

She says: “I always go to different salons and the stylist always says they can’t believe how shiny and healthy my hair is. They never cut too much because I don’t really have split ends.

“It also saves me money, because I pay for a dry cut to avoid washing – it costs about £ 20 on average and I go once every six months. My hair is short because It makes it easier to handle – but it’s definitely healthier than when I had long hair.

“Everyone always tells you to smell it because they are curious and believe it smells like sweat or musk, but it doesn’t smell like anything – like something on your skin. They are often surprised that I look good and not covered in grease.

“People doubt it will work on their hair – and I know it may vary depending on the type of hair you have, but for me it really works.

“Everyone uses dry shampoo on their hair, it’s just trying to do it more often.”

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