May 26, 2022

Cole competed fiercely with more than 200 applicants to secure his position in the prestigious two-year program, along with three other apprentices, Connor Finch, Damien Wisdom, and Jack Latham, who won the number of apprentices. Set a new record for The airport has worked at one time or another.

Each firefighting apprentice will undergo a rigorous training program during which they will gain experience and skills on the job such as aviation firefighting techniques and techniques, LGV advance driving of large foam equipment, hose deployment, branch. Handling, working on. Wearing heights, confined spaces, modern medical care, and breathing equipment.

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The four will also take part in live fire demonstrations and boat handling and water rescue courses. This training aspect is unique to Belfast City Airport as it is close to the harbor area, the airport fire service said. Before becoming a full member and operationally. Join their watch as capable aviation firefighters.

Cole McClelland with fellow apprentices Connor Finch, Damien Wisdom, and Jack Latham

“Firefighting has always been something I dreamed of and tried to do, so there was no doubt in my mind that I was applying for this apprenticeship.” Cole said. “It’s not just about completing an apprenticeship, it’s the first step in what I hope will be a long career as a firefighter and I can’t wait to get caught up in it.”

Airport fire service apprenticeships are facilitated through the airport’s High Flyers Apprenticeship Scheme, which is now in its ninth year, and the success rate for apprentices to get full-time employment after graduation is 100. % Is.

Belfast City Airport Chief Fire Officer Sams McMahon said: “Our new recruits have hit the ground running and have already shown great enthusiasm and determination in their training.

“We have four young men on board this year, with the highest number of apprentices ever in the Airport Fire Service here, reflecting the demand for such roles and opportunities in Northern Ireland.

“We also had a record number of applications this year, all of them with exceptionally high potential, but Cole, Connor, Damien, and Jack stood out as notable candidates from the start, and we grew them. Can’t wait to see what happens. Fully qualified firefighters who will perform at their best in their careers.

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