May 28, 2022

KELLE BRYAN Get up every morning and immediately drink a cup of warm water with a slice of fresh lemon.

It’s not just her favorite kappa. Lemons are an important part of the skin care system.


In the twenties, Kelly discovered he had lupus, a condition that affects the immune system.Credit: Instagram / Kelly Bryan
Lemon Women Panelist says that lemons are an important part of her skin care system.


Lemon Women Panelist says that lemons are an important part of her skin care system.Credit: Rex
Kelly developed ulcers on her face, ears, arms and scalp.


Kelly developed ulcers on her face, ears, arms and scalp.Credit: Science Photo Library

In her twenties, Eternal singer became a loose woman panelist and discovered that she had lupus, a condition that affects the immune system.

He had ulcers on his face, ears, arms and scalp. But after endless research, bananas have found that lemons are incredibly beneficial.

She says: “Whether I’m on the set or not, I always have lemonade, because that means I don’t have any breakouts.

“If I don’t have it for four days, I guarantee, my skin will change. So I don’t take the risk.

“My skin was something I had to work really hard on because with lupus, I had blistered skin everywhere – even in my mouth. And it was really painful.

“So when I was recovering from it, I started putting lemons in my water and noticed the difference.

“It has taken me years to get to where I am now, where I can walk around with confidence and feel happy in my skin.

“It’s so free that I don’t have to hide or wear hats or put my hair on my face. That’s what I used to do so people wouldn’t look at it. It’s a terrible feeling. Now it’s like a baby’s wound.” It’s smooth! I really appreciate it. “

Kelly, now 46, married and the mother of son Reagan, 10, and daughter Currie, 8, was diagnosed with lupus in 1998.

This condition shows that the immune system accidentally attacks healthy parts of the body and can cause extreme fatigue, joint pain, ulcers and rashes.

Kelly says: “It was horrible. I don’t have any pictures (of that time) because I tore them up. It was painful.

“The ulcers were crying and I was constantly trying to apply makeup on top because it was awful. And with black skin, when it heals, it turns into keloids (a thick, bulging scar). ).

“It simply came to our notice then.

“I found a black dermatologist on Liverpool Street in London – the Dynasty Clinic, owned by Jenny Harding. It changed my life forever.

“She taught me about how the skin works biologically and she taught me about exfoliation and holding my skin. I went to her for a weekly facial that covered my skin. Designed to calm and heal.

“Once that happened, it started with chemical peels – but only once was it healthy. I don’t have to go to it anymore because of my routine.”

Twice a day, Kelly uses biodegradable face wipes, washes her face with a cleanser, then applies Paula’s Choice Day or night cream, which contains a percentage of alpha hydroxy acids or AHA. It is a chemical exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin blemishes from the top layer of your skin.

She says: “I don’t use toner because I think it can dry out the skin later. My focus now is on skin rejuvenation, which slows down the aging process and It’s something that people forget, especially black women.

“People can put themselves in cocoa butter. But you’re really holding on to dead skin when you really, really want to get rid of it – that’s what AHA products do.

Despite the demands of a busy life, including starring on Channel 4 soap Holyox, as well as starring on ITV’s Loose Women, Banana is often told that she is not older than the nineties. So it is not surprising that he has some tricks on his sleeve.

She says: “I make my own scrubs. I use a slice of lemon mixed with various oils and fine salt from herbal shops. Not sea salt because it is very hard and abrasive.

‘Lemon is my taste’

“Then you gently rub it on your face. Wash it off and your skin will look amazing. Lemon is my savior! It is a disinfectant. It is good for everything.”

“I also give myself an ‘instant shape’ and make the tops very tight. If you are wearing a wig, put your two tops on the side and then put them on top. Another recommendation I make is to have an edge. Get it. It hides many sins. “

Banana has so far flatly refused to go under the knife. But he is not opposed to making changes in the future.

She says: “I had no needles, never had Botox, Nip or Tick or Facelift or anything. I’m not saying I won’t do it in the future. If I needed it I would.” I will not think twice.

“I’m lucky I don’t need it and I’ve only been renewing my skin since my twenties. So I don’t have any wrinkles that I’m worried about.”

Banana has had the opportunity to receive tips and tricks from makeup artists she has worked with over the years.

She says: “When I was in Eternal, I met a very old-school Hollywood glamor make-up artist. He would paint you as if you were a painter and paint you Will sculpt the face.

“I learned a lot – and that’s my foundation. It’s not contouring, I can’t stand it. It taught me how to blend dark skin and that there are red under my skin.” Maybe I was never going to find the perfect match, so I had to combine it with the color palette instead of using a single basic color.

“My base L’Oreal True Match range is a combination of two colors – N.8 cappuccino and 8.5 / 8.5 W Caramel. Now this is something I could never live without.

“But don’t get me wrong – there have been some disasters. I look back and think, ‘What was I thinking?’ That’s why I’m good at my make-up. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people who can do my make-up.

“There were times when I looked like a panda! It was a disaster and still, with professional makeup artists around me, I still do my own base because no one knows my face like I do. I am

“Now I have my own tricks, as I use Christian Dior eyeliner instead of lip liner. It has always been great and lasts longer than lip liner.”

To take care of her hair, Kelly sleeps with her head on the edge of the bed.
She says: “If you’ve been groomed for a video and they’ve got your hair done, you’ll have to sleep with your head on the edge of the bed so that your head will bend and you Don’t mess with your hair. The next day. Or go to bed and sleep! That’s awful. “

But there is one tip, more than any other, that Kelly has won. It comes from his mother Marilyn.

She says: “It’s more important than anything – trust. She used to say to me, ‘I don’t care what you look like, it doesn’t matter. It’s the inner thing that matters. Holds

“My mother was self-confident. Then she would always say, ‘I’m beautiful, so you’re beautiful!’

“And that’s true. I really think that if you are happy with yourself on the inside, it will shine.

Kelly with his Eternal Band Mate in 1994


Kelly with his Eternal Band Mate in 1994Credit: Rex Features

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