May 25, 2022

A man has caused a stir online by revealing what the “extra hole” in your kitchen sink is really for.

TikToker, who posts on the social media site under the RightGuysReview account, recently shared a video to expose his kitchen hack.


One person made a fuss online after revealing what the “extra hole” in the sink was really for.Credit: TikTok / @ rightguysreview
He then showed the hole with the soap dispenser


He then showed the hole with the soap dispenserCredit: TikTok / @ rightguysreview

“Okay guys, so the other day I was staring at my sink and I was thinking to myself, what is this second hole with the cap on?” They Started

“So I removed it, it was loose and another hole was discovered, so I thought if you want it the other way around you can put another tap there.”

He explained that he googled the hole and found out that you can buy a soap dispenser to fit the hole.

“It’s really easy to fit, from eBay, costing about £ 3.99, a great invention,” he said.

He then showed how the dispenser works – the hole in the top of the sink, with the bottle filled with washing liquid under the sink.

Once the dispenser part was damaged, he could pour the washing-up liquid into the sink with just a few simple pumps.

“Why am I just looking for it now?” He wrote on the clip.

Despite his surprise at the smart kitchen gadget, some viewers insisted that his first idea was correct – that the hole was actually for another faucet if you wanted the sink to be made differently.

“The main reason is that the sink can be fitted to the left or right side of the drainer. Someone later made something useful for it,” one person wrote.

He showed off the soap dispenser he had picked up from eBay for about £ 3.99.


He showed off the soap dispenser he had picked up from eBay for about £ 3.99.Credit: TikTok / @ rightguysreview
Gadgets make washing a breeze.


Gadgets make washing a breeze.Credit: TikTok / @ rightguysreview

“It’s just that you can round the sink and put the drainer on the other side,” added another.

Others thanked the poster for sharing the hack, with one person writing: “Wow, I’m 74 years old, I didn’t know that yet !! Learn something every day, thank you.”

“It’s great that I have a 3 year old,” commented another. “Never need to unscrew, just refill from the top.”

“The mind is blown. Love it,” the third man added.

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