May 27, 2022

A new analysis of Home Office figures shows that the number of migrants arriving in the UK via lorries has increased by 30%, compared to just under 10,000 in 2021.

An estimated 70,000 people have come to the UK through this route since 2014.

An analysis by Migration Watch UK shows that less than 9,000 people come through this source each year, most of them discovered at home by secret services rather than border force personnel at ports by enforcement personnel or police. Is.

The news comes as several announced candidates in the 2022 French presidential election have called for the Le Touquet agreement – which established joint control – to be either renegotiated or abolished altogether.


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In 2016-2019, an average of 38,000 people were detained at the border every year.

This comes at a time when the think tank Policy Exchange has called for a review of UK border policies to address the channel crisis. Along with the migration by lorries, more than 28,300 people made the perilous journey on the channel in 2021 – more than double the 2020 figure.

The think tank’s ‘Plan A’ will be an agreement with France that will accept the return of migrants and refugees trying to cross the Channel in small boats.

He says if no such agreement can be reached, then Plan B will try to get these people into the UK by small boats somewhere outside the UK – whether the Channel Islands, independent bases in Cyprus or Ascension I. Land – where they have asylum claims. Will be considered. Under these rules, economic migrants will be sent back to their home country, or to another state they are willing to receive.

The plans emphasize that those found to be “genuine” refugees under the European Convention on Human Rights will be resettled in a safe state other than the United Kingdom. However, anyone attempting to enter or enter the UK on a small boat from a “safe” country will not be allowed to settle in the UK under such schemes.

The study said the UK-EU joint patrol on the English Channel would be “the best possible answer to the problem of small boat arrivals”.

The report argues that neither Plan A nor Plan B violates the UK’s obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention, but that Plan B provides clear legislation to avoid disappointment in the courts. Will need

The think tank also suggests that either the project should be integrated with a better UNHRC-run refugee resettlement program in the UK, writing: “Any such generosity in any case Suitable for a relatively stable and prosperous country like ours. “

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