May 26, 2022
Research shows that new homes reduce energy costs by more than £ 400 a year.

New homes reduce energy costs by more than £ 400 a year.

The latest research by to openThe platform for developers to digitize and expedite the process of selling their new homes has revealed how cheap energy bills are for new homeowners, when energy bills increase by 54%. If so, they save up to £ 800 a year. .

Open the analyzed data on the average annual energy bill for both newly built and existing homes and see what this cost will look like after a 54% increase.

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Statistics show that currently in England and Wales, the average current household pays £ 825 a year in energy costs. However, on average a newly built home pays only £ 401, making it 51% more affordable when it comes to energy costs.

A 54% increase in this cost would be a significant increase for both types of property.

However, while the average annual energy bill for an existing home would increase from £ 633 per year to £ 1,457, the average new homeowner would add £ 312 to a total of £ 713.

Despite this increase, the annual energy cost of a newly built home will still be lower than the price paid by the existing homeowner without a 54% increase.

So where do new constructions offer the biggest energy cost savings?

In Wales, newly built homes are £ 440 cheaper annually when it comes to energy costs, although savings will reach £ 804 after a 54% increase in energy bills.

The West Midlands is also home to significant savings, with the annual energy bill for new construction coming in at £ 439 less than the current home average, compared to a total of 5 425 per year in the East Midlands. Again, after the increase in energy prices, these savings will reach £ 803 and £ 777, respectively.

New construction in Southwest (£ 420), Northwest (£ 404) and Yorkshire and the Humber (£ 400) also has an annual energy cost of تعمیر 400 or less from existing property with new construction. Homeowners in these regions will be better off for £ 730 or more a year after the cost increases.

Says Le Martin, UK Head of Unlatch:

“Newly built homes attract the price of a beautiful property in today’s market but for good reason and the ongoing benefits of buying a new home are worth more than ever.

The energy efficiency of new construction is just one of these benefits, and as our research shows, the annual energy costs associated with new homes are significantly lower than existing properties.

This does not mean that newly built homeowners will not be so worried about the increase in the cost of running their home, but, at the very least, the increase should be more manageable in pounds and pence. . “

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