May 26, 2022
Overview of Belfast’s Raven Hill Road. Photo by Jonathan Porter / PressEye

Adrian Urso, 32, faced an attempt to revoke his bail amid a neighbor’s claim that he took home two cans of beer 24 hours after his release.

But District Judge Mark McGarretty pointed out problems in the eyewitness account, highlighting how no crates were found in the property on Newtownbag Drive during a police search.

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He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Ursu ​​is charged with two counts of causing death by dangerous driving, and two counts of causing grievous bodily harm by dangerous driving in a fatal car crash on Raven Hill Road last month.

The Ford Fox, which he allegedly drove at high speed, collided with a Skoda Octavia taxi traveling in the opposite direction.

Belfast man John O’Hara, 47, and another, a publicly unknown man, were killed in the January 22 clash.

Five people had to be taken to hospital for treatment. They included a taxi driver with severe back injuries, and another passenger in intensive care.

Previous courts have heard cases against Irsu based on CCTV footage of his car allegedly passing through the main lines and hitting Skoda.

It was also alleged that the suspect, a Romanian national, had spoken “carelessly” about drinking six beers the day before the accident.

On February 7, he was granted bail by the High Court, which included a complete ban on alcohol.

However, he was re-arrested the next day for allegedly violating those terms.

A man living on the same street claimed to have seen Irso carrying two cases of suspicious beer into his home.

Police were alerted and the property was searched.

There were some empty tins and unopened bottles in the garden shed, but no beer cans.

A breath test read zero for any traces of alcohol in his system.

Defense attorneys argued that they only brought other groceries with Coca-Cola cases.

A supermarket purchase receipt was provided to support his case, which did not include the purchase of alcohol.

Today, when the bail revocation application was resumed, a neighbor testified about the incident.

Jonathan Harrison claims to have seen Irsu take two cans of Stella Artus beer home from his partner’s car.

Asked how much he believed, Mr Harrison replied: “One hundred percent.”

However, Mr McGarrity said he had gone far beyond what was initially reported to police.

Knowing that the terms of his release had not been violated, he warned Irso: “If you violate the bail order in any way, I will take you into custody and I will release you again. I will not accept bail. This is a serious matter and you have to be very careful. “

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