May 28, 2022

At the last full meeting of the North Yorkshire County Council before the election of a new unitary authority in May, the authority’s chairman repeatedly intervened in the debate, noting that he was restoring “punishment and dignity” in the proceedings as councilors clashed with each other. Accused of failing to protect needy residents

Conservative councilors have claimed that most of the increase is to meet rising social care costs, which would be “negligent in not fulfilling their responsibilities”, while members of the opposition told the meeting that the increase was too much. It will be impossible for families to meet.

Proposing an increase in the council tax on inflation to less than 3.99%, which would mean an increase in the Authority’s bills for the average band-D property from £ 56 to 46 1,467, its deputy leader and finance boss said. Cllr Gareth Dead said the council’s budget aims to protect services. Leaving “a legacy” for the weak while for the new authority to inherit.

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County Hall, North Yorkshire County Council Headquarters.

He told the meeting that the increase had struck a balance between these important intentions and the protection of taxpayers, as “our obligation has always been to keep council tax increases to a minimum.”

Cllr Dadd said the authority did not increase the council tax advance by a maximum of 4.49% “to reduce the burden on North Yorkshire taxpayers”.

Cllr Stuart Parsons, leader of the council’s independent group, said the authority was not paying attention to the increase in council rules by residents, as well as the government by police and fire services and borough, district and parish councils. £ 150 was taxed by the council. Tax breaks for some households.

“The thing we have to remember is that £ 150 will disappear in a year,” he said.

“Then there is the cost of life’s crisis and we seem to make no effort to help people in it.”

Cllr Parsons said there is a significant segment of society that is simply deprived of financial support, such as free school meals, which cannot afford the increase in council taxes.

Malton’s independent councilor, Lindsay Burr, added that with the rise in council taxes in April, along with inflation, effective wage reductions and increased national insurance, the authority had an opportunity to ease pressure on residents.

He said: “Certainly there has never been a better time to freeze council taxes and listen to all the residents who are begging us to help them.

“The average family now has to use a food bank.

As we all know the perfect storm is gathering.

“Maybe now is the time for us to stop and help a little and not add fuel to the fire.”

Cllr Bryn Griffiths told the meeting that the Liberal Democrat group was also opposed to the increase because adult social care was an urgent national issue.

Before the 53 councilors who voted in favor of the increase, three abstained and three opposed the increase, Keller Eric Broadbent said the Labor group “reluctantly” supported the regressive tax increase because “the last thing we want to see.” I want that there is no shortage of important services. “

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