May 26, 2022

The fallen prince

Much to Prince Andrew’s claims of complete innocence on 17-year-old Virginia Geffery.

Much to the nation’s unwavering and repeated denial, including its destruction 2019 TV Interview.


Andrew has bought Virginia Roberts, a rapist, who was photographed in 2001 at 17-year-old London Townhouse in Gusselin Maxwell, a convicted sex offender.[/caption]

Now he has bought a girl who has been sexually abused. . . Using seven figures Royals They will claim that it belongs to them – although the people will not see it that way and neither will we.

Some people argue. Andrew He had to deal with his mother’s shadowy details Platinum Jubilee Year

We get it

It will save grace from tomorrow’s decision.

But who believes? Of Andrew Protest now?

Doubts could remain even as he vowed to run. Of Ms. Giuffre Case in court.

Now it does not seem that he has surrendered.

He befriended a pedophile sex smuggler. Jeffrey Epstein And her sleazy socialite girlfriend and fixer Ghasleen Maxwell.

He has now paid a silent sum to one of the most brutal victims of the shameless couple to stop in court the details of his claims that he had sex with her three times, in his teens. And he was over 40 years old.

A really determined man would fight with his teeth and nails to clean his name from such heinous accusations. . . And then, if he won, he would try to recreate his life.

It’s all over.

Andrew Ended – Ended with its invincible arrogance, privilege and astonishing boldness.

He should completely withdraw from public life and spend his retirement in humiliation.

Andrew is gone.

We feel for her family, Beatrice and Eugene Especially

But the less we hear or see it, the better.

Her vulgar behavior disgraced the Royals and broke her mother’s heart, until she reluctantly snatched away her titles and characters.

Andrew Remains ninth in line to the throne and can never really be king.

But Government The law must be changed to remove him from the line of succession.

The queen Will always love his son

But its continued presence in our kingdom, even as a humiliating isolation, is a black mark that must be erased.

Nick the Lot

Let’s not hear any excuses from the police if and when Echo Anarchist Lones tried to block the M25 this weekend.

“Raveez” by countless idiots – from something Connect to the UK. – Being organized in simple look.


Let’s not hear any excuses from the police if and when Echo Anarchist Loans try to stop the M25 this weekend.[/caption]

Police should be ready to arrest hundreds if needed, shut them down and take swift action through the courts.

If you need a restraining order, get one today.

These middle-class idiots are the most stupid people they protest about and understand very little about the people they endanger.

Cressida dick There may be a lame duck. .

But the Met Chief could take at least some credit if he ordered the immediate arrest of an extremist mob trying to block London’s orbital motorway.

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