May 27, 2022
The country’s toughest corona virus ban has hurt businesses (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)

SNP Employment Minister Richard Lochhead may claim that he is doing everything possible to build a secure, sustainable and satisfying jobs economy, but the reality is quite different. The hospitality industry has been devastated by restrictions that were not lifted until after Christmas. Suppliers in hotels, pubs and restaurants will be shut down, security personnel for Christmas events will be canceled and they may have to lay off staff. I suspect there are a lot of office parties now that the restrictions have eased.

Not only could the SNP not build a boat, but it also lost the hospitality it needed to keep the staff on post.

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I was furious when I heard Patrick Harvey, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, talking about Scotland needing extra lanes for motorcycles. This was due to the supposedly temporary Covid “places for people”, large changes in lanes and bollards and roads, especially in the Brads area of ​​Edinburgh where it feels like the designer is on a journey – and It was not a motorcycle or a car.

Green madness should be reduced to slow-burning introductions, not dictatorial-style railroads – we will fall into a complete mess and become uncompetitive, relying on so-called wind power, which is average. Proved, however, that our economy was shattered by the cessation of oil production in the North Sea. We need 30 more years of stability with oil production and nuclear production at small unit sites in cities and towns.

In the morning I see zero bikes on my 40 minute drive to Lonehead and, after this trip, I ride in Toll Cross and see a maximum of five bikes in rush hour.

Non-tax and non-insurance motorcyclists have spent millions of pounds on dilapidated lanes and road diversions, while other homeowners’ parking spaces have been removed.

Edinburgh is a hill town and only one in 20 people, probably 16-40 years old, has a good day, enough to cycle on these routes. In the recent bad weather, no cyclist was seen on the streets as I drove between the office and home, which says a lot.

Scotland is being controlled by two Green MSPs and we are being led to the ruin of Scotland.

George Hardy, Dunbar, East Lothian

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SNP warns Scotland could lose ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’

Nineteenth-century Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli publicly warned against over-storing in statistics, and the latest development figures are the best example of why they were accurate.

For him, 2021 was a wonderful year for the economy. There have been some booming years in the UK since the war, but last year’s growth rate was the fastest at 7.5%.

Yet 2021 cannot be seen in isolation. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sink are right when they say that the UK had the fastest growth in the G7 last year, yet what they leave out with curiosity is that it happened when a Years ago, the UK had the largest shrinkage of any G7 country. The real story is that in 2020 the economy collapsed by about 10% and then most of the lost land was restored last year. In fact, while economies such as the United States, China and the eurozone have recovered from pre-epidemic levels, the UK is still lagging behind.

Before we get out of it, as the cost of living hits the crisis, it doesn’t signal a rosy scenario, and the UK economy’s growth this year will inevitably be at the post-Bridget level. Will be slow

I just received a newsletter from the so-called “Scottish” Labor Party. It is raising its voice in support of Edinburgh.

So, why was it printed in England, when there are more than a few printers in Edinburgh?

I read with interest the letter from Marie Thomas (February 15) regarding the generous pension paid in Norway and compared it with the amount paid to our own pensioners. It is clear that Ms. Thomas never visited Norway or that she would be aware of the high cost of living in the country. I suspect that comparing the purchasing power of pension payments in each country will make little difference.

Maybe he should check such things before making such clear statements?

There is no doubt that fuel poverty is one of the most important issues facing people in Scotland today.

That is why Sco
ttish Socialist Party volunteers can meet every week on the streets of Scotland at Holyroad and Westminster with our request, urging both governments to resolve the issue immediately.

The response has been overwhelming, with people often queuing up in the cold to add their names and testifying to how energy companies’ profiteering has affected them.

For those who say energy is a safe issue, we point out that in 2017 Nicola Sturgeon promised a national energy company “with no shareholders or corporate bonuses.”

Instead, the SNP / Green Alliance has handed over the renewable potential of the North Sea to multinational pollutants.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of Scottish households are officially in fuel poverty, and Westminster raising the price limit to about £ 700 will exacerbate the problem in April.

The Scottish Socialist Party is not just on the streets trying to solve problems. We demand solutions, such as returning energy to public ownership, building 100,000 public rented homes in accordance with the highest environmental standards, and making public funds available to rebuild homes with efficient insulation.

Energy is an important resource and should be used and controlled for the public good, not for private gain.

Michael Davidson, member of the Scottish Socialist Party, Edinburgh

If British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace had continued to improve his historical knowledge and was genuinely concerned about avoiding war with Russia, he would surely have learned from Munich’s failed “flattery” efforts in the 1930s. ۔ The so-called “Cuba” missile crisis of the 1960s, when President Kennedy secretly but immediately withdrew US missiles from Turkey, which Russia recognized as an understanding it faced. ۔ Hitler’s public demand for Lebensraum beyond its borders. As far as the perceived threat to Putin’s dangerous and unpredictable public display of Russia’s military might is concerned, so are the US and British governments – whose countries have never faced attacks and destruction as Russia has repeatedly done over the centuries. What’s more – it would be wise to accept Russia’s fears. Much more fully accounted for, and thus helps to make clear that this is the peace building we are really about. For 40 years as Minister of the Church of Scotland, at the annual Memorial Service in November, I spoke at the Feast of Tabernacles. The determination of the parties that, as far as we are concerned, the evil of war will not happen again.

(Rev.) Jack Callett, Inerlaithan, Scottish Borders

Amidst the sadness of Scotland’s defeat in Cardiff on Saturday, it was heartening to hear one of the observers, the other weekend, take their Darcys to a turn, and be somewhat cathartic.

I think Finn Russell’s presence has complicated matters, because our dancing winger Darcy Graham has twice been called “Darcy Russell”, a name not a million miles from the legendary ballet dancer and strictly less dancing judge, Darcy. Is. Basil

Maybe Darcy and Art can enter hard together?

Yours, in terpsichorean harmony,

Brian Bennett Scott, Edinburgh

Dr Allison Smith describes a report on border issues that would arise if an independent Scotland were in the EU, focusing on “flawless research” and “operations” (Perspective, February 15). ). I beg you to disagree. Three options have been proposed to overcome the difficult England / Scotland border and continent access issues:

A) “Extending” direct ferry links. There is no service for the extension, it was shut down in 2018 when the last operator was unable to replace the ship after a fire. An easy exit is probably because they have already lost all hope of “eliminating the losses.” Of course these will be return visits, and certainly both ways will include English checks for illegal immigrants. I’m not a transport expert but it seems ridiculously expensive and time consuming to me.

I was reading some bible literature on Noah and his ark recently, thinking, just like he didn’t send the contract to Ferguson Marine – he’s probably still waiting!

William Ballantine, Bonus, West Lutheran

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