May 26, 2022

TUV opposed a 3.64% increase this year, proposing a 2.99% increase instead.

The District Domestic Rate was hit by the Borough Council for the year 2022/23 at 0.4575p in pounds and the District Foreign Rate in pounds at 32.2655p.

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Suggesting the rate, Kirkfurgis Alderman Billy Ashe, chairman of the policy and resources committee, said: “This year we’ve all seen a huge increase in the cost of living. Food and mortgage prices are rising.


“The council has also incurred costs in running the Mid and East Interim Borough Council. This year, compared to next year, there is going to be a difference of m 2m.

This includes employers’ National Insurance contributions, National Pay Awards, fuel and energy increases, insurance and landfill costs.

He added that a 3.64 per cent increase was proposed, highlighting the need to provide frontline services and investment.

He explained that this would mean that the cost of each house would be 34 pence per week or £ 17.59 per year, which he said was the fifth lowest among the councils of Northern Ireland in terms of average capital cost to the Middle East. Will enable the provision of household bills.

Of the foreign rates, he indicated that this would increase the bills by £ 4.44 per week or £ 230.88 per annum. Will enable. “

“I believe that the local authority should be committed and in these difficult times it is more important than ever to provide frontline services to the payer,” he said.

However, Bannside TUV Councilor Timothy Gaston said: “This council has been exposed to revelations since the revelation that have exposed the different cultures that need to be transformed within this organization.”

He claimed that there was a “culture of spending” within the council which was “out of control and out of the will of the rate giver”.

“No effort is being made to alleviate the pain caused by rising energy costs and the payoff of everyday life,” he suggested.

He predicted that the debt of the local authority in the capital plan could increase from £ 65m to £ 99m.

Endorsing Ald Ashe’s proposal, Lauren Lloyd Ulster Councilor Keith Turner said low inflation would be “disastrous”.

“It leaves you in more debt in the long run,” he commented.

He told the meeting that the proposed rate setting would give priority to “color fence services”, job security and those living on long-term agency contracts for full-time contracts within the council.

“We are already committed to a medium-term strategy to reduce debt by holding regular meetings on our capital plan,” he explained.

He insisted the council was “doing the right thing” by setting the rate.

Ald Ashe’s proposal was approved by 30 votes to four.

Michelle Weir, Local Democracy Reporter

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