May 26, 2022
Alv claimed victory.

It was a great start by the Barracudas, with Beth Rowley and Emily Henchcliffe attacking center and wing.

Captain Charlotte Dealer also made early interventions and turnovers to move Barracudas forward.

The Sirens then returned to top form with their shooters Jane Beckerdick and Holly Hornsby.

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SNC Barracudas

The Sirens took a 5-4 lead at the end of the first quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, the sirens’ attack became stronger and faster, led by Lian Anderson and Joe Smith. Barracudas responded well, but not enough to stop the siren from going up.

Siren Wing Defense Becks Wilkinson defended the edge of the circle, making it difficult for Barracudas to get close to the post.

By the end of the second quarter, the Sirens maintained their slim lead at 11-10.

Barracudas took a quick center pass and threw a long shot into the circle for shooter Haley Watson to convert into a goal.

The Barracudas defense strongly defended the circle and showed good communication to block some passages.

Goalkeeper Haiti Minor managed to block a ball when Bakerdike took a shot.

Siren Defense Emily Castleton and Rachel Pashby and Barracuda shooters Oliva Daphne Smith and Megan Simpson had some close encounters.

For Barracuda’s Abigail Pollard, the wing defense got a strong interference on the center pass which saw them look aggressive again.

The third quarter ended with Barclays leading by 15 goals to 17.

The Barracudas wing attack in the last quarter saw Hannah Stephenson make some great passes in the circle. The shooters then converted them into goals.

The Sirens tried to retreat with a formidable attack from Sharon Agar, but with a strong defense from Barracudas, some formidable interceptions and tour overs, this meant that Barcodas won 23-20 at full time. ۔

Barracuda was the Player of the Match goal defense dealer and Siren Center Anderson was their star player.

Owls claimed a 19-11 victory over Wheatcraft.

After losing 17-3 to Wheatcroft in the final period, the Owls arrived expecting a tough game.

Although Wheatcroft was one player down, they competed hard against Holly Lellman (GK) to get a player for their team.

Owls have improved significantly since the start of the season, and are now becoming much more permanent.

Emily Langley (WA) was awarded the Olsen Player of the Match award.

The game started evenly and the score was 3-3 after the first quarter. In the second quarter, Oles managed to gain an advantage and continued to win 19-11.

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