May 25, 2022

Lower Avag District Orange Lodge No. 1, the rally featured guest speakers including Lagan Valley MP and DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, TV leader Jim Alastair, and UUP deputy leader Ruby Butler, Baroness Kate and Former Brigadier General MEP Ben Habib was among them. Baroness and Mr. Habib are among the leading petitioners in the judicial review of the protocol which is currently before the courts.

Commenting on the anti-protocol rally at Dromore Orange Hall on Thursday evening, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP said: “The Irish maritime border is the single biggest threat to Northern Ireland’s position in Britain in a generation. We have the potential to succeed in the face of trade barriers within our own country where decades of terrorism have failed, by running an irresistible pitch between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

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The European Union (EU) has said that one of the main objectives of the protocol is to protect political institutions created by the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement. Both the Council and the Executive are no longer fully operational. If the EU really cares about political stability in Northern Ireland, it must act immediately to resolve the issues arising out of the Protocol.

Speakers, DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson, TUV leader Jim Alastair attended the rally with prominent Brexiteers Kate Hoey and former MEP Ben Habib during an anti-protocol rally at Drummore O
range Hall on Thursday evening 10/02/2022 Peacemaker Press Belfast. Pic Colm Lenaghan / Pacemaker Pic Colm Lenaghan / Pacemaker

“The relentless pursuit of these arrangements without the consent of the Unionists or the support of any Unionist elected representative is a serious threat to the future stability of Northern Ireland. Recent achievements in Northern Ireland have been based on consensus and respect for both traditions.” Have gone

Such respect seems to have disappeared with the implementation of the protocol. It is ironic that the Secretary of State now condemns the lack of an executive to make decisions while he has proved himself happy in subduing the transition on key issues.

“All I ask is respect and justice. These are very reasonable requests. Unionism stands together against the Irish maritime border. We need to make sure that this is translated into the ballot box, Unionist candidates.” There should be an exchange between so that the Unionist representation in the next assembly can be maximized.

“I want to build a better Northern Ireland; tackle waiting lists and the cost of living while giving our young people more and better opportunities in life.

“However, instead of focusing on these important issues, the protocol is depriving our economy of £ 2.5 million every day. This is only part of the catastrophe. The number of grace periods has reached double digits.” And £ 500 million in government aid is about to run out.

“This cannot be the case. Unionism has been patient and rational. It is perfectly reasonable to ask that sectarian reservations should be used between the Unionists as well as the nationalists. The Unionists should be seen and not heard. ‘S days are over.

Speaking at the rally, TUV leader Jim Alastair said: “There is nothing to avoid or avoid the constitutional implications of the protocol. It not only directly challenges the position of Northern Ireland within the UK but also Does not match

“The UK’s ban on domestic trade, as found by the High Court, is in direct conflict with Article 6 of the Union Act. As such, it has made constitutional changes and without consent. Obedience as a result of authority gives a practical and questionable effect to its reality. It is a tool of subjugation and its intention.

“Thus, no unionist by name can accept or enforce it.

“Its economic woes are serious, but its constitutional woes are to the last degree for the Union. And the commitment is broken and the expected Irish alliance is achieved in the Belfast Agreement.

“That is why I have always said that the unionists should either abolish the protocol or it will kill the union.

“This protocol is irreparable. Any tampering that leaves us in the foreign single market for goods in any way, under the foreign customs code and VAT system, which is subject to all foreign laws and foreign courts.” It can never be considered acceptable or constitutionally feasible. “

District Master John Wilkinson said he was “compelled” by the rally’s turnout and response.

“It is clear to me that the campaign against the Irish maritime border, in which we have emerged as an organization from day one, has the support of the people of Northern Ireland,” he said. “After last night, no one could doubt that the demands of our people were no less than a complete restoration of our position as equal citizens in Britain.

“Apart from the constitutional implications that are deeper with the repeal of Article Six of the Acts of the Union, the meeting also learned about the effects of the protocol on business and the ridiculous red tape that ordinary people have to go through to get their daily necessities.” This is unbearable and needs to be stopped.

Going forward, there was a clear message from this meeting that opposition to the protocol cannot waver. It was so clear that our people demanded that the Unionists put aside their differences and make sure that as many unions Pro, anti-protocol MLAs return to the polls.

“The unionists should move the line down to ensure that as many pro-union, anti-protocol members of the assembly as possible are returned.

“The Lower Avag District would like to thank us for the panel that was most knowledgeable on the issues – Baroness Hoy, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Jim Alastair, Ruby Butler and especially Ben Habib for coming from London. Mr. Habib’s full support for the Union is commendable.

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