August 9, 2022

Jason Weir, 31, of Dermatara, was sentenced by the Interim Magistrate’s Court in Balemina on October 12 last year for assaulting and assaulting police.

Defendant suffered a head injury and was taken to hospital by ambulance, a prosecutor said.

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He was aggressive with the staff and was trying to get out before treatment.

Bali Mina Court House. INBT02-213AC

At 5.40pm, police found him near the hospital with a “deep cut on his head” and returned him to the emergency department.

Veer appeared to be in a state of intoxication and returned to the hospital, where his behavior became “bad” and the police had to warn him several times about his language and disturbing behavior.

When he was handcuffed, he screamed and swore and had to go to another room for treatment. Were”.

Veer spat at a police officer from two feet away.

The prosecutor added: “His behavior continued to affect hospital staff and members of the public in the high-pressure emergency department.”

Defense attorney Stuart Ballantine said the defendant admits that there was “no justification” for this behavior.

The lawyer said Veer admitted that his behavior was “terrible.”

Mr Ballantine said the defendant was “deeply ashamed and embarrassed” and “sincerely apologized”.

The lawyer added that Veer had “completely stopped drinking” and “was so embarrassed that he had turned into a virtual loner.”

The court heard that the defendant had sought the help of health professionals and the community addiction team.

The court was told Meer suffered a “serious brain injury” in 2015. He was “attacked by third parties with a hammer”.

Regarding the hospital incident, Mr Balentine said Veer was drinking and was “assaulted and found unconscious” and was “disturbed and confused” after waking up in the hospital.

The court heard that Veer had “entered the local church”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the courts have “consistently maintained a very vague view of those who operate randomly in a hospital environment.”

The judge told Veer: “Your behavior was completely unacceptable. You were not only shouting and cursing but your language was also disrespectful.

“A lot of people are rushed to the hospital with injuries but not all of them react like you do.”

Alcohol cannot be used as an excuse, the judge said.

Judge Broderick continued: “Then you spit on a police officer. Spitting on someone is very offensive. Leave a police officer who is just doing his job and trying to maintain order in difficult situations.” ۔

“We all know that hospitals, especially the A&E departments, are under pressure and the last thing they need is people who are addicted and abusive.

“There should be not only punishment for these crimes but also a restraint so that anyone can understand that if you behave like this in a hospital environment, they can easily expect detention.”

Veer was sentenced to three months in prison and was granted یل 500 on appeal with the condition that he “not be under the influence of alcohol in public”.

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