May 27, 2022

An official report presented to the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee on Monday evening stated: Will make action. “

The report also states that “generating electricity without viable financial incentives would jeopardize financial and credibility.”

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Commenting on the previous discussion, Lauren Lowe Alliance Councilor Danny Donnelly, who is a member of the council’s Climate Change Working Group, expressed concern over the location of solar farms in rural areas, saying it would “industrialize” Problems can arise with campaigners in this regard.


However, he said that other solar energy should be explored.

Lauren Lowe DUP Councilor Greg McCain suggested that the council consider solar energy a source of revenue from the site.

Philip Thompson, acting chief executive, told councilors that sites for solar farms were being considered. However, he pointed out that this particular site could not be accessed by “end users of potential power generation”.

The report also states that although groundwater will “allow a sufficient number of panels, power generation will exceed the site’s requirements”.

“Given the trend of testing and matching breeds according to local demand, it is unlikely that the site will provide export opportunities.

“There are better opportunities to generate solar power on a scale within the Council State that would provide an opportunity to enter into a power purchase agreement with a neighboring industry at a very attractive unit cost or where more due to network capacity pressures.” Exports will be offered at a unit cost rate. “

Meanwhile, the Mid and East Interim Borough Council earns ,000 100,000 annually from a council-owned landfill site outside Bali Mina.

The council is currently “extracting gas and generating electricity on site” at the Bali Micoyaland landfill site on Tolinamullen Road in Kells, which was closed in 2007.

However, “adequate funding” is still to be provided for 60 years of site “post-maintenance” as long as the waste poses a threat to human health and / or the environment. Which is required by the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency.

As a result, the local authority needs to keep 2.5 million in financial reserves to cover this potential cost.

Michelle Weir, Local Democracy Reporter

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