May 26, 2022

The royal family is “preparing a book” of Virginia Geffery, accusing Prince Andrew, a royal expert has claimed, as it turns out he has not signed the NDA.

The infamous Duke, 61, was on the verge of confronting a sex trafficking victim when he raped her and raped her when she was 17 years old.


The royal family is “preparing a book” by Virginia Geffery, accusing Prince Andrew.Credit: AP
The infamous Duke was on the verge of a confrontation with a sex trafficking victim.


The infamous Duke was on the verge of a confrontation with a sex trafficking victim.Credit: AP

But the couple settled their differences out of court for an undisclosed amount – estimated at 12 12 million.

The settlement avoids a serious legal dispute that could lead to the investigation of several claims – including Andrew Sweat.

But Ms. Geffery’s lawyer told The Sun that there is no NDA – meaning she can speak at any time without elaborating.

And royal expert Angela Leon said Ms Geffrey’s “all-encompassing book” could make a humiliating case for the Royals “on the go”.

He told the Sun: “Apparently Virginia is allowed to write a book about herself – or broadcast about herself as she sees fit.

“So if that’s the case, it can go ahead.

“We don’t know when she will do that, we don’t know when she will be aired.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

“Such a smell will stay with Andrew and the royal family. There is no clean end.”

Details of Duke’s settlement were revealed in a letter filed with the U.S. District Court in New York yesterday.

Court documents show Andrew will make a “significant donation to Ms. Giffery’s charity in support of the victims’ rights.”

Andrew also vowed to express his regret over his association with Epstein by “fighting the evils of sex trafficking, and supporting its victims.”

The bomb shell settlement goes like this:

Ms Geffery’s lawyer, David Boyz, said: “The settlement money is confidential, but there is no NDA.

“If the British people want to know where the money came from, they can get it from Andrew.”

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Andrew’s settlement statement marked the first time he had expressed displeasure over his relationship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Duke had earlier defended his friendship with Pedo, whose allegations of rape have had “serious benefits”.

Giuffre first sued Andrew last August.

It was the first time he had taken action against her since the allegations surfaced in 2011.

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