May 24, 2022

It is understood that the DUP group had proposed an increase in rates for the year before 2.2%. However, other members of the committee rejected the proposal and instead increased the city’s domestic and foreign rates by 3.64%.

For قابل 180,000 worth of affordable housing in the council area, the agreed district rate factor represents an increase of £ 1.73 per month, or £ 20.70 per year.

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A council spokesman said: “This rate allows the council to strike a balance that recognizes the challenging financial context and the need to continue investing in communities.

Alderman Amanda Grehan

“It will enable a budget that helps deliver important things.

It will also provide much-needed funding for facilities such as the Dunedin Ice Bowl, 3G pitches in Laurel Hill and Lou Moss, improving the overall fiber connection in the council area and a range of community and environmental initiatives. Will

However, the DUP group targeted other parties on the committee, which, contrary to the wishes of the DUP councilors, agreed to a higher rate, excluding the SDLP.

A DUP spokesman said: “We are saddened by the rate payers at Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council that the UUP, Alliance, SF and Green Party voted to raise their rates.

“The DUP Council Group wanted to send a clear message to our rate takers that we stand by them in this difficult time. Sadly, the SDLP was the only other party that stood by us.

“For the first time in the council’s history, the applicable balance has not been added to reduce the burden on our business and our stakeholders.

“While the DUP is disappointed, we are not surprised that other parties will pursue party politics and will not support our residents.

“We want to reassure our rate takers that we will continue to fight to reduce the unnecessary burden that UUP, Alliance, SF and the Green Party have placed on them by increasing their rates.”

Alderman Amanda Grehan, LCCC Alliance Group Leader, commented: “After no increase last year, inflation soared to 6% and the waste management fee exceeded 1 million. Agreed to ask homeowners for an additional 1.49% for a property. £ 180,000 capital valuation works at £ 1.73 per month.

“In Northern Ireland, Lesbourne and Castlerag have the lowest rates in terms of rates, value for money and investment in your services. While DUP was sleeping on the wheel. “

Targeting the DUP, he continued: “Out of nowhere and rapidly sinking, the DUP’s last-minute ‘smash and grab’ raid on Piggy Bank has always been non-starter because it means emergency. The key reserves were to fund local services.

“The destructive role of the DUP in Bridget and Stormont has made life even more difficult for the families of Lisburn and Castlereg without the Prime Minister. Could not support. DUP amounts do not increase.

Domestic and business rates consist of a regional rate set by the central government and a district rate set by the council. No regional rate is currently set.

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