May 26, 2022
Tinder Swindler is set to become Netflix’s next real crime hit show. Photo credit: Netflix.

Netflix has given us a lot of amazing real crime documentaries these days, which are equally catchy and catchy, but The Tinder Swindler documentaries could be Netflix’s best ever.

Shows like The Night Stalker and Tiger King have been worldwide successes, as viewers tune in to discover more about the world’s most notorious criminals and their shocking and disturbing crimes.

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And the streaming giant launched another surefire hit earlier this month with The Tinder Swindler, which topped the worldwide streaming giants chart.

The documentary, which is about two hours long, focuses on Simon Hewitt, who appeared on the world’s most popular dating app, Tinder, as a billionaire singleton, to raise thousands of pounds for unsuspecting women across Europe. I could cheat.

For fans of Netflix’s real crime shows, the new series is said to be one of their most shocking and exciting productions to date, with trailers showing Conman Hayut victims as they break their hearts. Reveal shocking stories and work together to achieve justice.

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Who is Simon Hewitt – The Thunder Sundler?

As shown in the documentary, he is an Israeli cheater who created a ‘catfish’ profile on the dating app ‘Tinder’. He portrayed Simon Levy as a wealthy Russian oligarch and, as a result, managed to collect his various dates, including over $ 140,000 at one point, according to the trailer.

In 2017, he fled to Israel to avoid a trial focusing on fraud-related crimes. During this time, he spent a total of two years touring Europe, creating a profile on Tinder as Leviev, before taking out undisputed dates and persuading them to lend him money.

He was arrested in late 2019, when Hewitt was asked to pay the men more than 43,000 in compensation, and was later sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud – although he did not. Only one-third of them were released. Time behind bars

When is Tinder Swindler released on Netflix?

The official trailer for the documentary was released by Netflix on January 11 earlier this year.

The documentary was produced by the same team that brought Netflix’s hugely popular true crime series ‘Don’t F * K With the Cats’, one of the biggest hits of 2000, while producing the documentary. Are also responsible for The Impostor.

The show, which has a runtime of 115 minutes, was uploaded to the UK version of the platform on Wednesday, February 2 at 8:01 AM.

To view it, you’ll need a Netflix subscription, which you can get. Here. Prices range from £ 5.99 to £ 13.99 per month.

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