May 26, 2022
Solar panels are a major source of alternative energy.

Creating your own power

During these difficult times, we all have to rethink our energy use.

Therefore, it would be fair to say that the increase in energy prices will give a slight push to businesses / individuals sitting on the fence, especially in the case of electricity, to generate their own energy.

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Installing solar panels has become a much more profitable option for homes and businesses (Photo:

Installation of solar panels has become a much more profitable option for homes and businesses.

This is due to the combination of falling installation costs and rising energy prices. Despite the high prices, these panels can last for more than 20 years.

The ideal location for these panels is on a sloping, south-facing roof. You will need to check that there are no trees or other barriers that block sunlight.

When the sun shines, you will use the electricity you generate to run your appliances. But if you have more than you need, the surplus will be returned to the grid.

Then you can buy back electricity from the grid at night when you need it. An alternative solution is to install batteries in your home and use the electricity generated at night.


If you live in a rural area that suffers from high winds, installing wind turbines may be economically viable (Photo:

It is difficult to get enough air. However, if you live in a rural area, which has a lot of wind, installing wind turbines can be economically viable for you.

The best place would be a place without trees or buildings. It will need to be on high ground and preferably on the coast.

Urban areas are not viable at all. While this may feel windy, what you are actually experiencing is turbulent. Wind turbines do not easily pick up noise, so it is not cheap.

While wind turbines can share ground space, usually one would do the trick. However, if you have to spread and generate more electricity than you need, you can return it to the grid.


Electric Hydropower Electric Energy Smart Meter (Photo:

If your property has running water, you can use alternative energy to generate cheap electricity. All you need to do is let a small turbine bend the flowing water. It will generate electricity for your home. Doing so is much more complicated than wind or solar energy because you are very limited by your geography.


Plastic tanks for fermentation biogas (Photo:

To power your home with biogas, you first need to get yourself a generator that typically burns biomass. These generators will burn any of the biomass you have collected to generate electricity for your home.


These batteries may be able to store electricity while low prices at night, then keep your home away from them during the day (Photo:

Instead of generating electricity of any kind, it may be able to store electricity in batteries when prices are lower overnight, then run your home with them during the day.

Even if you don’t save as much as other methods, you are still saving some money every day.

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