May 26, 2022

OMICRON is spreading across the country, but some people are still cautious about getting a bovid booster job. Others still have their first two doses.

Here, three people who were reluctant to get vaccinated tell us why they decided to roll up their sleeves and do their job.

Kate Featherstone Coombs, 29, of Winchester, had two thoughts about vaccinating her six-month-old baby while she was pregnant.

“In February 2021, I was pregnant and the vaccine was starting. Even as a student midwife, I was scared of my first shock. I was really upset and it was terrible.

“At the hospital we were seeing more and more poor pregnant women come with cove, and I didn’t want to be.

“My colleague Jose, 31, was a proponent of the vaccine – not surprisingly, when we protected him for so long because he had Crohn’s disease. But he was a volunteer at the vaccination center where I was. Helped her move it for me.

“People have similar concerns when it comes to the flu. I get the flu vaccine every year, so why should it be different?”

“In 20 weeks, I took the first dose of Pfizer. As further studies have confirmed that the vaccine was safe, there was no discussion about taking my second shot in May. Was to protect.

“Every pregnant woman I spoke to felt the same way. Pandora was born full-term and healthy in July, weighing 9lb 6oz – a younger sister of her brother Oswald, three.

“I am now on maternity leave, running Parent Cand, which is my parents’ coaching business.

“If a pregnant woman asks me to get vaccinated, I tell her: it is her choice but she and her baby are safer without the vaccine.”

‘I’m worried about my immune system’

The potential side effects of the CoVID-19 vaccine came to the mind of Daniel Chaudhry, a 38-year-old communications specialist in south-east London.

An unpleasant accident during the first lockdown in May 2020, saw Daniel fall off his bicycle.

After being trapped indoors with a broken ankle, Daniel says, “I wasn’t really going out of my flat except for medical appointments, so I got used to a life of lockdown.”

Then came the vaccine for covid. “The problem arose when I became eligible for my vaccine, because I had to inject steroids into my ankle – so I didn’t want a job because of the possible side effects on my immune system.”

But as the weeks passed, he began to feel more comfortable getting vaccinated, considering how many of his friends and family members had been vaccinated with only mild side effects. He was a convert.

“Having a booster job raises antibody levels, which gives you the best chance of successfully fighting infection if you should be exposed to the virus,” says Daniel.

“It’s really important that we all be allowed to return to our daily routines more quickly. Making sure you are fully vaccinated is as safe as it gets.”

‘I thought it was just for the elderly.’

Colum Tokodi, 18, is a student in West London. As far as it was concerned, young people didn’t need Jabb. Then he got sick.

With a busy schedule of school, social life and extracurricular activities, the column realized that there was more to it than just getting a job.

He says: “I didn’t think I needed to get vaccinated because only a few of my friends had been vaccinated, and I thought initially the corona virus only affects older people.”

He adds: “I’ve heard stories on social media of people reacting terribly to the vaccine, so I didn’t want to get it at first.” That was until he grabbed the code himself.

At that moment, he began to think again. After all, her mother was vaccinated without any major side effects. It was time to talk to yourself.

“It was a sign of vaccination when I got sick. Once I recovered, it didn’t take long for me to make an appointment and I felt better later,” says the columnist.

“I’ve had all my vaccines since then. My friends have too. People need to be promoted because it protects you and everyone else.”

Three more reasons to get a job

  • Immediately after receiving the booster, your chances of going to the hospital are at least 85% lower if you have not been vaccinated.
  • Pregnant women who have code-19 symptoms are two to three times more likely to have a premature birth.
  • It takes minutes to get your booster. Covid may take longer to recover.

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