May 26, 2022

WHATSAPP has pushed for a new feature that users did not like.

In a dramatic euthanasia, the popular app is restoring its old contact list after people called the recent update “terrible.”


Gone: Most contacts and recent chats are no more.

The platform, owned by Meta, has added ‘Most Contacted’ and ‘Recent Chats’ to the list of in-app contacts on Android.

Although intended to make it easier for users to find their favorite contacts, this feature has been criticized.

People said online that they prefer to keep their contact list in alphabetical order only.

“The new contacts page feels very messy,” said one person.

“I want to see my contacts in a proper alphabetical order.

“I don’t want to see who I contact most often at the beginning of the page or which groups I’m a member of.”

Another commented: “Awesome, I just want to find new contacts in alphabetical order.”

According to the latest beta, WhatsApp seems to have heard negative feedback.

There are no longer two options in test construction, suggesting an update will soon eliminate them all.

WABetaInfo, which revealed the reversal, said: “People wanted a list of real contacts alphabetically and their total number of contacts.

“Ultimately, after receiving perhaps bad feedback, WhatsApp is now restoring the old interface.

“That means you can reuse old contact lists!”

WhatsApp update should be available to everyone soon.


WhatsApp update should be available to everyone soon.

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And TikTok has announced new rules, which prohibit users who rename or mistype others.

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