May 27, 2022

Nicholas Latifi has revealed that he hired security guards during a visit to London following death threats from Lewis Hamilton fans.

The 26-year-old described how he felt compelled to defend himself from a possible attack when he visited London’s Winter Wonderland after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Nicholas Latifi has revealed that he hired security guards in London’s Winter Wonderland with his model girlfriend Sandra D’Souza.Credit: Getty

Williams driver Latifi announced in December how he had suffered a shocking abuse following the crash in the final of the Formula One season.

A Canadian 21-lap 54 collided with a barricade, causing a security car to be deployed.

It eventually ended Hamilton’s lead in the Middle East, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen leading him to a record eighth world title in the final lap.

And with that much abuse, Latifi says he felt compelled to take steps to protect himself when he was out with his model girlfriend Sandra Dzeuzic.

Speaking on Williams car launch On Tuesday, he remarked: “Some people think this is silly, but at the end of the day, you don’t know how serious people are.

“All you need is a drunken fan at an airport, or you’re bumping into someone who’s having a bad day and he’s drunk under the influence of something and that’s his very opinion.” ۔

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“It only takes one in a million people.

“I came back to London after the race, and I had security when I went to Winter Wonderland with my girlfriend.

“You have to take the threats seriously because you don’t know what could happen.

“And that’s just one of the unfortunate realities of the world we live in and the extreme dangers of death that have crossed the line.”

Latifi later revealed that Hamilton had sent him an excellent message of support where he was quick to investigate the abuse.

He added: “After that, in terms of his support, Lewis sent me a message a few days before he issued the statement.


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“Obviously, I will not go into the details of what he said. I also received some messages of support from other members of the team at Mercedes.

“Obviously, it was nice to see so many drivers on social media, all the shouts of support from teams in so many different fields, it was encouraging to watch.

“Obviously, everyone agreed with all the emotion and messaging.”

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