May 23, 2022

Boris Johnson has insisted that he “certainly” can lead the Tories in the next general election, despite questions from Downing Street parties about his leadership.

A legal questionnaire has been sent to the Prime Minister by Scotland Yard officials to investigate whether he violated his own quaid rules.

Following the revelations about Downing Street during the Corona virus lockdown, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, claiming that his position is no longer viable.

Mr Johnson, who did not meet with the Scottish Conservative leader on a trip north of the border on Monday, insisted Mr Ross was doing a “very good job”.

And he insisted that the two could still hold the post of party leader in the next general election – despite Mr Ross’s demands for their departure.

Asked if he believed the two would lead the Conservatives in the next general election, Mr Johnson said: “Of course.”

His comments came as he reiterated his view that Scottish independence was “not going to suffice”.

The prime minister told the Daily Mail that during the epidemic, “Scotland and the whole of the UK have benefited greatly from the power of the UK’s coffers”, highlighting the effects of schemes such as the Furlow.

He declared: “I think most people can see that dividing our country would be an economic catastrophe.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Speaking about the Scottish Tory leader, he insisted that Mr Ross had “really done a great job guiding the Scottish Conservatives”.

In the 2021 Hollywood Road election, he said Mr Ross had “won almost 100,000 more votes than any other former Scottish Conservative leader” and at the same time “prevented the Scottish National Party from gaining the clear majority he thought he had.” Can get “.

Mr Johnson added: “Every day Douglas wakes up and campaigns for the union of our country in a way that is very passionate and I am fully involved.

“All I can say is that it is far away, which unites us instead of separating us.”

But Kirsten Oswald MP, SNP deputy Westminster leader, said: “It’s ridiculous that Boris Johnson and Douglas Ross think they can both stay in office.

“How can Russia and the Scottish Tories possibly run for office under a leader they think is ineligible for office and should resign – don’t forget that their Westminster bosses The Tory leader was fired as a “light weight”.

“It’s clear that neither Boris Johnson nor Douglas Ross can hold office with any credibility.”

Ms Oswald added: “If Boris Johnson refuses to do the right thing and resign, people will rightly ask if he can take Douglas Ross seriously if he continues to limp.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole Hamilton, meanwhile, said: “Boris Johnson is on a fraudulent tour if he thinks the British people will still want him as prime minister for another week, let alone until the next general election. ۔

“If he had a piece of prestige, he would have resigned as soon as he returned to London.”

The Liberal Democrat added: “Instead of focusing on the really important things, his main concern is to divert people’s attention from his own inactive party.

Conservatives should stop taking voters for fools. The people have made innumerable sacrifices and done all that was asked of them. They do not deserve a Prime Minister who cannot abide by his own rules.

Additional reporting by PA Media

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