May 26, 2022

A student who broke a child’s leg while trying to change his nappy has escaped from prison.

Connor Crook, 20, grabbed the four-month-old boy’s legs, but the baby came out and started screaming.


Connor Crook evaded jail after breaking a child’s leg while changing his nappy.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

He later told a witness that he was “trying to change the weaning nappy and I heard a pop.”

Crook, who is studying a spray painting course, tried to breastfeed the baby but the baby stopped because of the pain.

The child, who could not be identified for legal reasons, was taken to hospital where medical experts found a spiral fracture on his left thigh.

One doctor noted that such an injury was “rare” for a child of that age and could not be repaired.

Police launched an investigation, but Crook insisted he did not put any pressure on the child’s leg in May 2020.

Motherwell, Crook, Lanarkshire, appeared in Hamilton Sheriff’s Court and pleaded guilty and found guilty.

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Sheriff John Spear ordered two years of “high-intensity” surveillance and said it was a direct alternative to prison.

The indictment alleges that he abused the child and grabbed him by the body and severely injured the boy’s leg.

Deputy Financier Jennifer Cunningham said: “According to the defendant, he used both hands to hold the boy’s leg.

His left leg was released from the grip of the accused.

As the accused lowered his right hand to grab the boy’s left ankle, the boy simultaneously kicked his left leg upwards and made contact with the accused’s hand.

The accused claimed that he did not put any pressure on the boy’s leg, however, he saw that his foot turned slightly to the side and his voice was heard and the boy immediately started screaming.

The accused was still trying to feed the boy his bottle but the boy was struggling to get it because he was upset.

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A man in the property grabbed the boy and placed his right hand gently on the boy’s upper left thigh and tried to straighten his leg using his left hand but immediately the boy screamed in pain and took him to hospital. went. “

Defense attorney Louise Orwell said: “What happened here is that Mr Crook was in the process of changing the baby’s nappy but admitted that what he did was handling it effectively and as a result he was injured. Happened

“As soon as he realized he was injured, he called for help and immediately expressed his remorse and sought medical help.

“What happened was absolutely reprehensible, but it can be dealt with without the imposition of any detention.”

Sheriff Spear said: “Obviously the child’s injury was very serious and significant and it is a balanced matter.

“You can go to jail for that, but I’m not convinced it’s fair.”

An allegation that Crook had assaulted the teenager was dropped by the prosecution.

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