May 27, 2022
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Boss Brett Agnew is hoping the confidence gained in just 10 seconds from beating the leaders’ leverage – and a 3-0 cup win over the Skeleton – could help Birdlington Town win on Saturday.

Last week, Town suffered a heartbreaking delay as Liversedge drew the last hop 2-2, but Bird pursued it with a home win against the Sculcoates in the ERCFA Senior Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday night.

Bird headed home to Brayhouse Town in Saturday’s league clash at home, knowing the win could be a big step towards securing their Division East status for another season.

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Danny Earl delivered the keeper’s ball to Bradlington Town’s second goal.

Agnew said: “I was upset for the boys when Liversedge scored 10 seconds into the time on Saturday.

“Liversedge was always coming back to us and they brought in bigger, stronger guys to save something.

“They scored the first goal with 10 minutes left but then we defended well and looked to hang on to win but then the board went to a five minute stoppage time.

“It made me even more angry because there should have been only three minutes of extra time and when the board went up I felt bad that they were going to score another goal.

“If you told me before the kick-off that we would get one point I would have taken it but being so close to just three points was annoying for another referee’s decision to return us, like Workshop. And the referee’s poor performance against Marseille cost us dearly. “

Agnew now believes that Brewhouse is an important game for the Cesders on Saturday.

He said: “The week against Bad House is big for us now. If we play like the last three games we can get some points and be out of the drop zone.

“After that we don’t have any league games for three weeks so we have to see how the league places are decided, so it is very important that we win this break on Saturday.”

On Saturday, Andy Norfolk was dragged down the penalty area in just two minutes, and Lewis Dennison stepped up to slot the home penalty. Danny Earl’s brilliant goal doubled the hosts’ lead at the break.

However, the game changed when the dangerous Earl was forced to 66 minutes.

Liversedge’s pressure then increased as Kurt Harris advanced to 81 minutes.

Despite Bird’s best efforts, Leverage’s pressure proved too great as Joe Walton netted with the last kick of the game.

In Tuesday’s Cup game, Jack Bliss put Town ahead five minutes later and Dennison’s goals in the 35th and 36th minutes sealed the victory.

The Sea Cedars will now play HPL in the semi-finals against Pocklington Town on Tuesday, March 1 at 7.30pm.

Agnew added: “I was impressed with the way the boys adhered to the instructions, as I had said. Finish the first half, then we can control it in the second half and make changes.

The Sculcoates put it well forward and played proper football from behind and kept going despite going 3-0 down in the first half.

“I also had the opportunity to give Black Derry a game and he made a good change.”

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