May 25, 2022

When Vinny Dingle and Liv Flaherty unexpectedly decide to tie the knot, their close relatives are thrown out.

Upcoming scenes from Emerald will feature Mandy and Chase Dingle heading into the news.


Chase and Mandy Butt headCredit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk
Mandy is in the dark about Vinny's engagement to Liv.


Mandy is in the dark about Vinny’s engagement to Liv.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

Amidst the chaos caused by Mina Jatla’s return to the village, Leo (played by Asobel Steele) and Wayne (Bradley Johnson) spend a relaxing and lovely Valentine’s Day.

When a romantic gesture goes wrong with a marriage proposal, young couples consider running away.

A new episode of ITV Soap, which is coming to our next screens, shows Liu’s excitement when Winnie tells him that he has a friend in Deventry who can help him.

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As a registrar, this friend accepts a slight twist of the rules in his favor.

Meanwhile, Mandy (Lisa Riley) is oblivious to her son Wayne’s engagement.

But he was soon brought out of the darkness with Chase (Lucy Pargator) as the two women heard the background to the conversation between Leo, Wayne and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

However, things soon change when Chase concludes that Liv has relapsed into alcoholism, which is why he and Mandy exchange words.

Chas has not been a major supporter of Liv and even released him when he was sent to prison.

Later, Paddy finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he goes inside and feels the tense atmosphere between his wife and Mandy.

Chase and Mandy are both chewing gum, obviously upset over the news.

Winnie and Leo are at a loss when it comes to drama and wonder how they can tell their family and stand by a decision.

Ultimately, they are chosen when the couple packs their bags overnight and makes their way to Deventry.

Wayne explodes when he sees the many messages left on his phone by Mandy while back in Emerald, Dingles becomes anxious and anxious to know his whereabouts.

Liu and Winnie have had their share of setbacks, especially after the death of Ben Tucker, one of the victims of Mina Jatla.

But can people close to them stop catching them?

Will they really get through their marriage?

Emerald airs Saturday nights at 7pm with an additional episode and Thursdays at 8pm.

Will Liv and Vinny escape?


Will Liv and Vinny escape?Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

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