May 21, 2022

BIFFY fans will see the band behind the scenes in a brand new documentary.

Amazon Music, Warner Records and the band will release Biffy Clyro: Cultural Sons of Scotland., An intimate film featuring a back-to-back recording process in which he began his ninth studio album, The Meth of the Happily Ever After.


Biffy Clyro has been on top form for 25 years.
Her band allowed unprecedented access to the new film.


Her band allowed unprecedented access to the new film.

The popular private band, which is from Airshire, has so far not allowed anyone unrestricted access to document their creative process.

And today the boys – Simon Neal, James Johnston, and Ben Johnston – have released a sneak preview of a new feature-length film that takes viewers on a band’s journey as they perform their latest, critical critique on home turf. Come back to Scotland to set an acclaimed record.

Faced with a sense of uncertainty over the height of the epidemic, the band was removed from the tour as they headed to their studio on the working Airshire Farm.

The documentary – which was recorded in three months in 2021 – details the band’s ups and downs as they released their latest album and returned to the stage for an outdoor show sold out in Glasgow Green. It was their first in almost two years in Scotland.

Biffy Clyro releases new album

Frontman Simon said: “In the part of the world where I wrote my first song where we were making this record, and there’s something very real about it.”

Drummer Bean said: “We don’t need all the bells and whistles to be full and happy, we just need the three of us to make music together and that sound in one room – and that’s what keeps our hearts beating. ”

And bass player James added: “Everyone should join a band – if you get a chance to join a band with your brothers or sisters, or people you consider brothers or sisters, So these are probably the best years of your life ever. ”

Biffy Clyro is one of the largest rock bands in the UK, having been at the top of his belt with nine studio albums under his belt during his 25-year career, with big festival headline performances and the Sell Out World Tour.

The film will be released exclusively on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Video on February 25.

The film will be available in theaters on February 24 at the Rio Cinemas in Dalston, Cameo in Edinburgh, DCA in Dundee and Averyman in Glasgow for one night only at special locations across the UK. Tickets are now available. Here.

Simon, Ben and James set off for a working farm to record their latest album.


Simon, Ben and James set off for a working farm to record their latest album.

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