May 27, 2022

Dancing on Ice Brandon Cole is battling to stay on the show with his new skating partner Brandon.

Skater Vanessa Bauer was knocked out of the competition with the corona virus – Brendan left the field in preparation for Sunday night’s show.


Brendan Cole is rehearsing with his new dance partner Brendan.Credit: ITV
Vanessa Bauer will miss Dancing on Ice this week after catching Cowade.


Vanessa Bauer will miss Dancing on Ice this week after catching Cowade.Credit: Rex

She is being rehearsed for jail with her new partner Brendan – but the pair have already had their first encounter.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the show’s creative director Dan Weston insisted: “The rehearsals are going well with Brandon and Brandon.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity for me as a choreographer and for the show as well.

“Obviously, Vanessa can’t perform this weekend and we’ll really miss her, but she’s really behind the boys.

“I’ve spent extra time with Brandon and Brandon. We’ve extended the rehearsal session because it’s very difficult for them to start a brand new skating relationship all of a sudden. They don’t know each other on the ice and how they work. But he said, “I shot really well.”

He added: “So far they are struggling with the ‘sliding lounge’. It is difficult because one of them will be carrying the weight of the other and they will have to slide horizontally across the ice and out of them. Carrying each other.

“It’s actually an elevator and it’s slippery so the body needs a lot of control and it’s moving very fast so it’s challenging.”

For Musical Week, the pair are skating for Jersey Boys’ Frankie Wally and The Four Seasons for Begin – and they promise challenging lifts and tricks.

Dean added: “Creation really suits them, it’s very strong, very cool and we’re going down a path that’s really interesting to look at.

“I don’t want to give too much, but there are going to be some elevators and lots of solo skating in the routine.

“They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

“The bar has to be high, the moves have to be there, and fast-moving skating has to be better than before. Look at this place, it’s going to be a good one.”

Brendan said he was “absolutely upset” not to be able to skate with Vanessa this weekend.

This is the second time that Cowade has completed Vanessa’s DOI preparations last year.

She dropped out of the show last year due to illness while pairing up with Emerald’s Joe Warren plant.

Brandon’s new partner, Brandon, was previously paired with Rachel Stevens, but the pair ended up in Week Two.

A spokeswoman for Dancing on Ice said: “Unfortunately, Vanessa Bauer is unable to skate this weekend after a positive test of the Cowboys 19.

“We look forward to Vanessa’s return to the competition soon. Brendan Cole will still be performing at this Sunday’s show and will be partnering with professional skater Brendan Hatfield.”

They are working extra hard on time for Sunday's show.


They are working extra hard on time for Sunday’s show.Credit: ITV
Brendan will return for Musical Week on Sunday.


Brendan will return for Musical Week on Sunday.Credit: Rex
Brandon Hatfield will be skating with Brandon this weekend.


Brandon Hatfield will be skating with Brandon this weekend.Credit: msrachelstevens / Instagram

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