May 27, 2022

A royal expert has claimed that Virginia still wants to be a “mother” despite being banned from royal life by Prince Andrew during the Geffery scandal.

Her majesty is said to have fought a battle between being “mother and king” while the infamous Duke of York was reportedly bankrolled.


Her maternal grandeur has seen her unwavering support for Prince Andrew.Credit: Getty
The duke settled his sexual exploitation case with Virginia Geffery in a megabox deal.


The duke settled his sexual exploitation case with Virginia Geffery in a megabox deal.Credit: AFP

Despite being stripped of his royal title, all military honors and patronage after a confrontation in January, the 95-year-old “desperately wants to help”.

Allegedly married, she is also taking some bills for a settlement with her favorite child, Virginia Giffery, as royal observers say she is “anxious” to put her legal worries behind her.

Andrew, who lives in Queen Mother’s old home just three miles from Windsor Castle, is reportedly borrowing cash from the family to pay for his sexual abuse charges.

The royal family wants to move on from the scandal that has dramatically disrupted the Queen’s jubilee celebrations.

But even though these allegations have overshadowed the Maharaja’s glorious 70 years on the throne, they remain his anchor.

Royal expert Angela Leone claims that the queen has acted on her maternal instincts to protect Mimi’s son.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

He told Good Morning UK: “I think it’s a stain but I don’t think it’s more harmful.

“I don’t think anyone is attacking a 95-year-old woman who has led this country. It is unfortunate that she has a son who has not behaved at all.

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“She has this division between being a mother and being a king, but sometimes she has to be a mother.

“She wants to help him and end the whole thing.

“They have to keep quiet until after the jubilee, but then Andrew and Virginia can say whatever they want.”

Andrew – who slept with Sarah Ferguson on his martial bed with a dozen teddy bears and stuffed toys – has been shown unwavering loyalty by his mother during the explosive story of sexual abuse.

He continued: “It’s so easy to look back and see what you could do. I think he felt like he thought it would work on its own.”

“She should have stopped going to Newsnight.”

The 95-year-old returned to duty yesterday despite being embroiled in a scandal involving his two eldest sons.

His first face-to-face engagement at Windsor Castle since December was once again eclipsed when Charles became embroiled in a Saudi Cash for Honors investigation.

Ms Leon added: “Yesterday my heart was pounding for her when she met him and said I can’t walk.”

Shock settlement

It has been reported that the 95-year-old king – who paid Andrew’s legal fees – will help fund his settlement. Daily Telegraph.

Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense.

Ms. Geoffrey is said to be “very, very happy” with the unprecedented settlement.

Experts say the amount is secret but could reach 12 million.

He will receive personal compensation and there is no non-disclosure agreement that will prevent him from telling his story.

In an unusual statement, the Duke of York expressed his “regret” over his relationship with pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

And he vowed to “demonstrate his remorse” by “supporting the fight against the evils of sex trafficking, and supporting its victims.”

In return, Ms. Geffery, who said Andrew raped her when she was 17, agreed to drop the case.

Duke, who allegedly refused to break a sweat while dancing with her in 2001, has pleaded not guilty to any charges or indecent exposure in court.

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