May 27, 2022
Jobs include installing summer bulbs, keeping herbs up, and keeping slugs and snails away.

Jobs include installing summer bulbs, removing weeds and keeping slugs and snails away.

Other tasks will include preparing the garden and cleaning the yard.

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Chris Bonnet from said: “Many of our March garden jobs will include spring and summer preparation.

“As the weather warms up, our gardens will slowly begin to regenerate, so this is a good time to do things like get rid of weeds and prepare your soil.

“It’s always better to keep an eye on the weather because we all know that the British weather doesn’t always work. If you know it’s still cold where you live, you can stop some of these jobs for now. Are

“Despite the cold weather, this month you can do more work in your garden, such as clearing your yard and clearing your lawn, ready for any fun that you have all spring and summer. I hope to. “

As spring approaches, the soil will warm up. This will be a good time to plant the bulbs so that they are ready for summer, which will give you a beautiful and bright garden for recreation.

Unfortunately, as the plants begin to appear in the spring, so do the weeds. Herbs start to grow in the spring so dealing with them now means you can stop them from growing completely.

Place slugs and snails on the bay

As much as we like hot weather, we also like slugs and snails, so it is best to take precautions now and start scattering slugs and snails before they ruin your garden. do.

If you are hoping to grow some vegetables this year, now is a good time to prepare and improve the soil. Most vegetables grow best in rich soils and you can improve your vegetables by adding things like bark, fertilizer and grass clippings.

Most potatoes will need to be planted in April, but rocket potatoes can be planted earlier by the end of March, meaning they will be ready for harvest in June / July. Rocket potatoes are considered to be one of the best varieties of potatoes because they are best for boiling.

Refresh pots with long-lasting plants.

Long-lived plants, such as potted shrubs, will need some TLC. Remove the top layer of compost and replace it. This will give your plants a little boost.

Another vegetable that you can get ready for planting in March is onion. Onions need very dry and warm soil and planting them in March will give you a good crop in late summer or early autumn.

For those hoping to grow their own fruit this year, why not try growing strawberries. Planning now gives you a crop around early summer and early fall. Strawberries ripen and are ready for harvest when they are bright red, however, it is important to note that once ripe they do not stay fresh for long, so eat them early instead of later. ۔

Clean the edges of your lawn and prepare any new area for planting grass and treat unwanted moss growing in autumn and winter. Just apply some moss killer or lawn sand to get rid of moss.

After the winter months, dirt and grime can accumulate, so early spring is a good time to clean them all up. This can be done with a jet wash, or by mixing water and vinegar and rubbing with a garden broom.

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