May 28, 2022

The double whammy of severe weather is forcing homeowners to consider how to protect their property from damage.

Hurricane Younis is approaching us and it is expected that there will be strong winds and continuous disruption in most parts of the UK on Friday.

Hurricane Dudley’s heels, which meant strong winds for many people in the UK until the end of Wednesday and Thursday, could put the latest disruption to homes.

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Buildworld experts have shared five tips to help homeowners protect their property from Hurricane Eunice before landing.

“The UK is facing further disruption as a result of Hurricanes Dudley and Younes. It is important that we do everything possible to protect our homes and minimize any potential damage,” said Huz, director of Buildworld. The member said.

“In some cases, it is inevitable that the damage will be done, no matter how hard we try to prevent it. Move the car to a more open space and check the condition of your roof.

“Hurricanes cost the UK millions of pounds every year and although there is home insurance to help offset some of the financial burden, it is still a problem that plays on the minds of homeowners across the country.

“If your property is hit by a hurricane, it is important that you contact your home insurance provider as they can explain the steps you can take to get any repair work done as soon as possible. Can pick up for. “

“With so many days of strong winds, we want to share these helpful tips to help homeowners prepare for the current hurricanes in the UK as well as future storms.”

5 Tips To Protect Your Home From Storms

1 Secure any property outside the property

Items such as trampolines and garden furniture are often blown away by strong winds during storms and have the potential to cause severe damage to buildings and people.

Move such items to garages and sheds where possible or use ropes and heavy objects to reduce their weight.

2 Check your gutter regularly.

Gutters are often overlooked and can quickly become a source of dirt and debris.

When heavy rains begin, gutters help the water to reach the drains, but if the gutters are closed, the water can flow and damage the inside of your property, causing leaks and damage to the inner wall. Can

3 Take your car to an open space.

Cars and other vehicles are often exposed to bad weather, especially when strong winds blow down trees.

If your car is usually parked near a tree or other large object, it is best to take the car to an open space, such as the floor or a nearby car park.

This will reduce the chances of any possible damage caused by falling objects.

4 Close doors and exits.

Strong winds can often cause garden doors to open and if they are made of a more delicate material such as wood, there is a strong possibility of damage.

Make sure all doors are closed and passages are closed, as this will help protect not only the gate but all things secured by it.

5 Protect your roof.

The roof is one of the most damaged areas in the house during a storm and is the most expensive to repair.

Before the storm comes, check the condition of your roof and remove any loose tiles and replace any existing damage as soon as possible, as this can prevent further severe disruption.

What to do if your roof starts leaking:

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