August 10, 2022

Hurricane Younis is expected to hit most of the UK, including Scotland, in the next few days.

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Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming storm and how it could affect your plans for the weekend and early next week.

Before Hurricane Dudley hit the north of England / South Scotland on Wednesday night, large waves hit the ocean wall in Whitby Yorkshire, followed by Hurricane Younes, which will bring strong winds and snow on Friday. Photo: Danny Lawson / PA Wire

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When will Hurricane Younis hit?

With the end of Hurricane Dudley, Hurricane Younis is expected to enter on Friday morning.

The storm is expected to bring strong winds to the south and central parts of the UK, as well as some snowfall in the north, including Scotland.

People are waiting for a bus in Glasgow before Hurricane Dudley hits north / south Scotland in England from Wednesday night to Thursday morning. Photo: Jane Barlow / PA Wire

Wet and windy weather is expected to continue through the weekend and early next week.

Winds of up to 95 mph are expected in coastal areas during Hurricane Younis, while winds of up to 80 mph are forecast in inland areas.

Where will Hurricane Younis hit?

According to the Met Office, many parts of the UK will be affected by Hurricane Younis.

The most important winds are expected to blow in the south and west of the UK.

The Meteorological Department has issued an amber warning in these areas since the morning of Friday, February 18.

“Hurricane Younis is expected to be heading east from early Friday, with strong winds blowing through the central and southern parts of the UK, with coastal areas exceeding 95 mph,” said Frank Sanders, chief meteorologist at the Met Office. There is a possibility of some gusts of wind. “

Catherine Smith, the environmental agency’s flood duty manager, added: “Strong winds could cause coastal flooding in the early morning of Friday morning, along the west, southwest and south coast of England, as well as coastal areas of the Severn River.”

“This is due to Hurricane Younes, which causes high waves and potential storm surges to coincide with the onset of spring waves.”

Will there be snow in Scotland?

Although the south and west winds are expected to be strongest, snow is expected in the northern part of the UK, including Scotland.

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for wind and snow in Northern Ireland, Northern England and Southern Scotland.

Meteorologists estimate that up to 20 cm of snow can accumulate on high ground, up to 5 cm in some low lying areas.

The Meteorological Department has warned that blizzards could be
expected along with snowfall due to the high winds.

Will Hurricane Younis affect flights?

London Gatwick Airport has warned passengers to check their flight status if they plan to fly this week, saying passenger safety is a top priority.

You can also expect some roads and bridges to be closed during a storm, so it’s always a good idea to check for obstacles before traveling by any means of transportation.

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