May 28, 2022

Trying to keep up with the latest trends, a TikTok user decided to visit a nail salon for a glamorous manicure.

With a stylish outlook in mind, TikToker claims to have shown her nail technician what she wanted.


TikTok user ‘yourbrunetteblogger’ asks his nail technician for a cute pastel reverse french manicureCredit: TikTok / @ yourbrunetteblogger

Known as a username on TikTokyour brunettebloggerWanted a modern reverse French manicure design.

Designs with pastel colors for French manicure tips and reverse tips were very trendy.

But instead of being happy with her glamorous manicure, Tick Tucker was intimidated by the nails he actually got, because it didn’t look like anything he asked for.

TikToker posted a video with the caption showing her nails, “I should have run away when she told me it wouldn’t look like a perfect picture.”

In the video, we see a picture of the nails she wanted and then show a comparison that she actually got the nails.

And it is safe to say that they did not look the way they did.

Not only are the colors not what she requested, the nails are not very clean and it is safe to say that they look a bit messy …

Her video has clearly made a lot of people laugh as she has received a total of 3.8 million views.

It has 283.8k likes, 2,615 likes and 10.9k shares.

Many Tic Tac Toe users arrived at the comments with disbelief at how shocking the nails were.

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One man said: “This is the worst I’ve ever seen. Omji I think I can do better.”

Another added: “My face fell.”

A third commented: “Are you sure you didn’t do it yourself, because it certainly wasn’t done by a professional?”

Another user added: “No, not at all. They would not have paid the price.”

But there were also many who were surprised that the woman did not tell the nail technician that she was not happy with the nails.

One user commented: “Ladies and gentlemen nail tech here !! Please talk while finishing your nails! If you don’t like something then say something !! We don’t read brains.”

Another said: “As much as you don’t like your nails, you should have said, let her do her nails like this then complain on TikTok.”

A third added: “I’m a nail tech. You should have told him after you first painted your nails that you didn’t want that.”

She was terrified that her nails would not look what she had asked for.


She was scared on her nails that it didn’t look like what she was asking for.Credit: TikTok / @ yourbrunetteblogger

Meanwhile, the nail technician says we’re washing our hands the wrong way – but people say his technique looks “painful.”

Also, I asked my nail tech for a glam marble design – but they are so bad that people think they look like sperm.

Also, I paid for a glamorous French manicure but I found nails that look like drumstick squash – it’s a shame.

If that wasn’t enough, I asked my nail tech for a modern design but now my nails look like hot dogs – people can’t believe I really paid.

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