August 7, 2022

Dear Katie, I am the last person to criticize someone for fighting against this old bitch Mother Nature, who throws women on scrap after her first fertility.

At the age of 18 she succeeded in her chosen career of glamor modeling. Some psychologists say that no matter what age you make it, you will remain mentally the same for the rest of your life.


A 1995 photo of Katie in a fresh look at the age of 17Credit: Rex
Katie Price appeared for the first time in 2022 after her latest surgery


Katie Price appeared for the first time in 2022 after her latest surgeryCredit: Backgrid
Julie says Katie Price's surgery has become horrible, and she is now unrecognizable compared to her old self.


Julie says Katie Price’s surgery has become horrible, and she is now unrecognizable compared to her old self.Credit: Rex

This is not a bad thing at all – a young man believes in true love, and he has kept you hopeful.

But he also says that fame is a mask that eats away at the face – and something is definitely making a finger buffet out of these beautiful features of yours.

I’m not judging. I’m still in my sixties and still doing cosmetic “tweaks” – I want to look like myself, only five years younger.

But I know it was time to stop when I started to look like someone else, which is what you do in your latest pictures – sorry, an “eye and forehead lift”.

You now see a cross between Stacey Solomon (upper face) and Relan (lower face, especially the helicopter).

Don’t get me wrong, I love them both – but they are not you. And now, fast, after 24 years of surgery, you are not either. Which is a shame, because you are unique.

There have been glamorous models who look better than you, but none of them had the courage to diminish not only their beauty but also their personality.

You are one of a kind, a pin-up that has become the mother craze – Boudica in a Wonderbra – building its empire and fighting for the rights of children with disabilities. (As a bad mom myself, I’m particularly impressed.)

You are an interesting example of a self-made woman, increasingly rare in an age when SADOFs (sons and daughters of celebrities) have colonized the show business.

And, no matter what you think about your personal life, none of them can deny that your face was amazing.

In danger of appearing, the Greek goddess had something to say about you. I once wrote that your cosmetic surgery confirms playfulness and life: “She is her own Dr. Frankenstein and her own monster, her body is her own private playground.”

Well, the doctor has left the building and the monster is rapidly making its way.

You need to be surrounded by people who love you and want to bring you back from the brink of self-destruction – not to straighten you out (you are too much for that) but at least Destroying to get you out of the way and into the total-de-sac of contentment.

You don’t have to be around the type of loser / user who films you a self-made duti rap called I Love Coke.

I’ve loved cocaine for many years and didn’t give it up until I was in my fifties (you’re only 43 now) – but beware these guys are a performing monkey for you. There is no emotion between the two except the cross. An ATM

Maybe that’s why in 2019 you were declared bankrupt with a debt of over £ 3.5 million.

It is shocking that such a sensible person in the boardroom could be so full of wires in the bedroom.

You’ve paid for the idle men’s parade over the last two decades.

Yet even in this folly there is something admirable about you.

Most glamor models retire after marrying rich old men. You never did

I doubt that your absolutely admirable commitment to pay your way in life forced you to choose men who were weaker and poorer than you.

But when you escape Sugar Daddy’s trap, you’re just as dumb – believing in The One instead of getting there first.

Every time you say the same thing: he has his own money, he’s not using me for fame – and when it’s over you say the opposite.

Peter Andre, the only one who didn’t fall into the hangar category, maybe that’s why you can’t control it.

He was not interested in your fame or money. He loved the woman behind the breast and the bank balance.

Perhaps the only other person who is not your child, about whom you can say with disqualification, is your mother, Amy, who is dying.

Above all, you are your mother’s daughter. Given his irony in the face of his own death, we can see where you got your backbone (if not your breasts).

You are a woman of matter – you have seen your critics break their basic principles.

But a pretty face is a visa – not a passport – and it ends.

Do you really want to join the OnlyFans competing against your middle-aged girls, especially if that means you would need to reduce your membership fee by 50% to increase your business? Is?

Are the only advertisers who create an online fan market really the ones you need to get approval from? Is that why you have this never ending surgery?

Judging by the latest pictures, it no longer looks like regular cosmetic surgery, but is moving into the realm of physical modification. What’s next I know you love horses – a pretty swishy tail with teeth?

I know your grandmother was a mermaid on Brighton Wharf – but she died when she got home. Don’t lose your voice trying to be something you are not.

Don’t go down the path of Michael Jackson where one day your own face recognition technology will not recognize you.

Don’t lose yourself now Let your beautiful face grow again.

I will never underestimate the price.

Neither do you

best wishes,


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