May 24, 2022

On her first date with the Thunder Match, a young woman enjoyed expensive steak and champagne for a 1, 1,500 dinner bill, but the scuffle ended in ghosts.

Diana Demotti, 21, was immediately drawn to the man, thanks to her short and simple profile: it simply said, “I’m rich.”


Diana Demotti went on a first date and collected a 500 1,500 dinner bill.Credit: NNP
The 21-year-old went to New York City with his potential sweater.


The 21-year-old went to New York City with his potential sweater.Credit: NNP

Arizona State University student and bartender explained in a tick tick video, “I thought it was really good.”

Since Diana was raising dogs in New York City, her rich sweater took her to Nobu, a Japanese-style series frequented by celebrities on both shores, and a favorite of the Kardashians.

Diana said the man ordered a bottle of champagne for dinner, so he “clearly didn’t care about the cost,” and the young woman decided to check her limits.

“I really knew how much it cost when I ordered Vagio, but he was trying to pretend,” Diana admitted.

A 16 ounce Vagio steak costs $ 40 per ounce. The meat is of excellent quality and specially prepared, which makes it a particularly luxurious choice.

“I wanted to get my money’s worth,” Diana said.

“It was a good meal and definitely worth the price.”

Dinner was not a complete transaction. Diana said she and her date were having a pleasant conversation and ending it before the bill arrived.

“When he saw the price, he said, ’00 1,500 for the first date?’ And put your card down, “Diana said.

Diana explained that the man was “not really angry, but she could tell he thought it was expensive.”

If Diana’s date had been postponed because of her expensive taste, she wouldn’t have stopped him from asking to see her again.

At one point, however, that second date turned out to be too much, too fast for Diana.

“She picked me up and asked if we could go to the home depot to pick up the box so I could go to her house,” said Diana, an idea she thought was “crazy.”

At first she left with the scheme but then decided not to meet him further.

And it turns out that the person was not what he looked like.

“I found out later that he lied about the price of his car,” Diana told her TikTok audience.

“He told me it was $ 100K but it was actually $ 30K.”

The two went their separate ways, with Diana having “a funny story and a good meal” to remember the brief skirmish.

He told the audience, “He drove me a ghost, but I like to think it was mutual.”

In the comments, some viewers praised her sense of adventure.

“Good food, sister,” said one man happily.

But others criticized and pointed out that Diana was lucky that she was not expected to pay at all.

“I’ll leave you with the bill,” said one man, and another echoed the sentiment, “No, you’re paying for it.”

Other Tinder users have found unconventional ways to take advantage of the app, including a woman who was paid to go on a date with her fake boyfriend and her family.

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