May 26, 2022

Kyle Brook has had some of the most brutal but best nights in recent British boxing history.

Brooke will finally fight this week with Aamir Khan to explain his legacy, the biggest fear of which is that he will never come.


Before his last fight with Kyle Brooke Terrence CrawfordCredit: @ specialkellbrook

But in the midst of years of chasing and challenging rival Khan, the Sheffield Switch Heater has made a name for itself in both Britain and the United States.

Here, Sun Sport details the ups and downs of Brooke’s difficult career.


Brooke debuted in the 147lb welterweight division (10st 7lb) and worked tirelessly to make his way into the rankings.

He eventually took the IBF position and stunned Sean Porter to win the ballot in California in 2014.

Brooke defended his title three times, losing the belt to Errol Spence Jr. before coming down to the middleweight, just to get down.

Burt returned to Welterweight in 2020 but was defeated by Terrence Crawford, his last fight.

Kyle Brook made his Welterweight debut.


Kyle Brook made his Welterweight debut.Credit: Action Images

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Light to medium weight

After Spence was recognized as the welterweight title in 2017, Brooke went 154lb (11th) for the run to become the two-weight champion.

He then defeated Sergei Rabchenko, Michael Zerfa and Mark Deluka in his new division.

Brooke was on the way to the title shot and looked healthy in weight.

But after accepting the offer to return to Crawford, he ended his victory in the middle of the light.

Kyle Brook is committed to a super middleweight fight.


Kyle Brook is committed to a super middleweight fight.Credit: REUTERS

Medium weight

Brooke shocked the boxing crowd in 2016 when he made a two division jump from welterweight to middleweight at 160lb (11st 6lb).

Negotiations broke out for Chris Eubank Jr. to fight the Kazakh threat, Gennady Golokin, which came as a surprise to Brooke.

And he started the fight well, winning the first round but GGG’s size and strength proved decisive, stopping him in the fifth round.

Brock went back to Welterweight a year later to fight Spence, and looked tough on the scales.

Kyle Brock's weight before his middleweight fight with Gennady Golovkin


Kyle Brock’s weight before his middleweight fight with Gennady GolovkinCredit: Newsgroup Newspapers Limited

Aamir Khan catch weight

As rivals entered the twilight of their careers, they finally agreed on the terms to fight.

But it came at a price for Brooke, who has always struggled to make a welterweight limit.

Khan suggested a catch weight of 149lb (10st 6lb) which is only 2lb more than the welterweight mark.

And for every lb the fighter possibly loses weight, a contract penalty of £ 100,000 will apply.

Kyle Brook before his catch weight thunder match with Aamir Khan


Kyle Brook before his catch weight thunder match with Aamir KhanCredit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

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