August 4, 2022

KATE Garraway has revealed that her husband Derek’s brain contact has been “terribly infected” with the corona virus.

The broadcaster, 54, has filmed another documentary, Caring for Derek, about her husband’s continued recovery from illness.


Kate Garaway gave GMB viewers an update on her husband Derek Draper’s condition today.Credit: ITV
Her second documentary, Caring for Derek, will be released soon.


Her second documentary, Caring for Derek, will be released soon.Credit: ITV

Talking about these challenges in Good Morning Britain today, Kate said: “She is still deeply affected by Covid.

“I don’t know about mental health, if I’m being honest, because he’s still very impressed with communication and mobility.

“I wouldn’t feel qualified to say if it had any effect on depression and anxiety. That should be the case, I thought.”

Dr. Hillary Jones went on to say that the condition is often more severe than respiratory disease, which in severe cases involves multiple organs.

Derek, 54, fell ill with covid in March 2020 and was medically in a coma.

He returned home last year after spending 374 days in hospital, but Kate openly admitted in her new documentary that he was now a “stranger” to her.

The first clip in Caring For Derek shows Kate helping her husband in and out of bed using machinery, and in other shots Derek can be seen using a wheelchair.

Kate said: “I am very protective of those who see her as weak, but it is a fact of life for those who care.”

Their children, 15-year-old Darcy and 12-year-old William, are also included in the February 22 documentary.

He continued: “The person he is now, in many ways, is a stranger. If we can love and he can be the father of children in a whole new way, then this is life, isn’t it?”

Kate had previously revealed how Derek’s illness had affected their marriage.

He told You“I’m not sure we’ve ever been out of love, but I think a new way is emerging, a new way to stay in love.

“He trusts me a lot. He just says, ‘Whatever you think’, which is great, but I cry a lot about it. I think, ‘God, I hope so.’ That I am worthy of this trust.

“But I’ve got her back. It’s a relationship in itself, isn’t it? How often do couples doubt each other?”

“It’s a positive thing to come out, to believe in each other. They and I are very close.”

This weekend Kate talked about her struggle to talk to Derek.

Asked if they could talk, Kate said: “Not really, it’s hard. I look at it microscopically; I feel like I read every flicker so I get it. I’ll take it, but you won’t go into the room and think there was a conversation going on.

“But he understands too much, he just can’t answer.”

He continued: “I don’t think things will ever be the same again, because I don’t think we as a family and as human beings can go through something like this and not be affected by it.

“Months in a coma and then this. It’s going to change that, even if it’s just emotional. We’ve all done a lot. I’m not the same.”

Derek is still fighting to get the batsman.


Derek is still fighting to get the batsman.Credit: ITV

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