May 26, 2022

Kyle Brook wants to prove to his bitter rival Aamir Khan that you can combine boxing and boxing – if you take the right steps.

Bolton’s tattoo star Khan has accused Sheffield Axes of hitting the sauce harder than his punch bag, using preparations for Saturday night’s Manchester showdown.


Kyle Brook’s goal is to prove that you can combine boxing and boxing.Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.
Aamir Khan has spoken sarcastically about his rival's drinking.


Aamir Khan has spoken sarcastically about his rival’s drinking.Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

The former Light Welterweight World Champion and 2004 Olympic lightweight silver medalist claimed: Can get off

“He will be missing for a few weeks and will gain a lot of weight.”

Dominic Ingle, Brooke’s longtime trainer and mentor, insists that his down-to-earth charge deserves a weird session – just like Manchester icon Ricky Hatton, who likes to love pints with his friends. Is.

But unlike the two-time world champion, who has his roots in Guinness’s gallons and the local darts game, Ingle hopes Brock’s occasional thirst won’t be quenched.

Ingel said: “Kyle likes to go out and drink with his old friends, he has done this for years.

“But almost all great fighters have a twist – look at Ricky Hatton, who was famous for it.

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“When it came to the biggest fight of his career – against Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. – that lifestyle probably had an effect on their defeats, Ricky says it probably happened.

“But Kyle Brook, one of the fighters I’ve trained over the years, is determined to keep himself in the camp – he never slows down when he’s in the camp.

“It’s hard to switch it on, but once it’s on, no one can stop it.

“He is in great shape and he was in good shape six weeks ago. If he was not training, relaxing, recovering, eating right, everything is fine then he can’t be. I don’t know if Aamir Khan has been in the last six months. What are you doing – but I know everything about Kyle.

Khan has insisted that the 35-year-old pair meet the catch weight limit of 149lb and will be fined £ 100,000 per pound over.

But Brooke – who has struggled to make his 5-foot-9-inch frame boil since he jumped to the middleweight title to compete with Gennady Golokin in 2016 – insisted that Khan reduce it and save his fortune. I have made a big mistake in giving such a long time for.

Former IBF World Welterweight Champion Brooke said: “I wake up every morning at 4am because my body is running too much adrenaline.

Khan has made a big mistake by giving me seven months to gain this weight.

“I’ve been training constantly so I’m there with the weight. I could have made it a month earlier. I missed my family and my whole Christmas to make sure everything was fine. Gone and done.

The feud has been going on for 20 years, when the two met in an argument session as England school boys, both claiming they enjoyed it better.

But what started out as animosity to sports sometimes gets into ugly fights, and Brooke admits he wants to be the man to end Khan’s illustrious career.

He added: “We’ve known each other since we were 15, all the way.

“It’s been a long time coming but we’re here, I’m excited.

“After all his years of talking, it will be decided that he will kill me. Everyone is going to tune in and see who the winner is and this is what I am going to do.”

“I would love to have him as a retiree. It would be very satisfying. That is something that is missing from my career.


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