May 21, 2022

The mayor recently visited Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), which called the “extraordinary potential” of the local workforce its real draw when setting up a permanent base at Silverwood Business Park in Bali Mena in 2019.

As part of the international bus manufacturer NFI Group, ADL offers single and double deck buses under the Alexander Dennis brand, as well as Plaxton coaches, which include vehicles from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and United States. Despite the global epidemic, ADL has enjoyed steady growth and success over the past two years, with its clear strategic focus on providing light, fuel-efficient vehicles, industry-leading, reliable and world-class market support. Is.

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The mayor said: “As a pioneer in the adoption of state-of-the-art technology, ADL’s focus on striving for greener technologies and product development in this area has boosted its growth in recent years – and indeed this And East is very closely aligned with Antrum’s reputation. Center for Clean Tech.

With Karen Hastings, Investment & Place Manager, MEABC, James McCargan, ADL, Mayor, Cllr William McCaughey, and the ADL Ballymena team.

“We hear from insider investors on a regular basis that the rich combination of outstanding talent in our various fields, skills, ages and backgrounds is one of their main focus towards the Mid and East Antarctic, so it is very encouraging to see. That has had a huge impact. Over the last two years we have been in favor of ADL. The Council is proud to contribute to the success of ADL through initiatives such as our Investment and Placement Team and our Manufacturing Task Force over the past two years. Is.

James McKergan, ADL’s head of engineering at Balemina, said: “Our decision to establish a permanent presence in the Middle and Eastern Antrim in 2019 has served us well. It is an excellent place to invest, do business and grow. There is a place, and the council has been a great source of support and encouragement since we came here. “

“Our local team here has been instrumental in helping the firm grow internationally – so much so that, in fact, we have already increased our head count in Bali Mina by almost 20%. With the passing of time and a strong position in 2022, we have exciting plans to expand the team here this year.

With ADL’s recruitment for the Ballymena site in 2019 initially focused on engineering leadership roles, the company has since acquired several new services for its business and financial teams in Silverwood and forthcoming. Intends to recruit more in the months to come. ADL will be hosting a career event in Borough in the coming weeks to showcase the wide range of opportunities available in the company – details of which will be published on its website soon.

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