May 27, 2022

One reason is that Steve Bruce’s nose looks like a living replica of a spaghetti junction.

Not only did he make a name for himself by defending his box to damage the nozzle.


Bruce often puts himself at risk of defending United’s penalty area.Credit: Getty
Maguire and Co will not put their head where it hurts.


Maguire and Co will not put their head where it hurts.Credit: Getty

Bruce was also a notable threat in the area of ​​opposition fines.

It is true that he was an expert finisher.

But for Manchester United, a stunning 51-goal lead in 414 appearances was a simple, old-fashioned guts that went to the corners.

He hit the net a staggering 19 times in the 1990-91 season and was the league’s top scorer at 13 with Old Trafford co-host Brian McClair as United won the cup-winner’s cup and Sir Alex Ferguson’s team She was preparing for future love domination.

A few years later, when United pulled him back – from behind – he won the title and hit the net seven times in all competitions.

Compare his record with the club’s current central guards.

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Harry McGuire, a captain like Bruce, has scored six goals in 133 games and a total of 27 goals in 416 games throughout his career.

Viktor Lindelov has played for United in three of 183 and only nine in 403, while Rafael Varane has failed to hit the net in 19 games since signing for Real Madrid last summer, where he has scored 15 in ten seasons. Did

Eric Bailey may be a unit but not while backing his attackers for the set pieces – Ivorian has scored two goals in 186 games for United, becoming just another pro in 113 games.

Bruce, now in his latest job as a boss, was an average of six a season, six miles away from West Brom’s Spaghetti Junction, M6.

Some might say that the game has moved on since his choice and England’s Stalwart Terry Butcher will enter the field as he did in the Spaghetti Westerns.

But the blood on their faces was the real thing.

United captain Maguire is under discussion for some of his performances.


United captain Maguire is under discussion for some of his performances.

And don’t advise Virgil Van Dijk or his Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp that Root One football should be in the dark.

The Dutchman, known as the world’s best defender since arriving at Anfield from Southampton for 75 million, has scored 15 goals in 160 games and a total of 421 to 44 goals.

VVD is not proud to try to stick its bonus on a corner and may break its face in the process.

In fact, it was at Everton Box that he suffered a knee injury due to a crazy challenge from goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, which cost him the most last season.

Yet United travel to Allende Road this Sunday without a single player scoring from 175 consecutive corners – a staggering statistic that points to a complete lack of what Bruce did.

He scored 10 in a convincing 2-0 win over Brighton, 10 against Burnley and completed three consecutive 1-1 draws.

Interim manager Ralph Ranginik has defended his captain Maguire.


Interim manager Ralph Ranginik has defended his captain Maguire.

They are at the bottom of the love table in terms of corners.

The last time a United player benefited from a 2-1 defeat to Sheffield United was in January 2020.

In March last year, they beat West Ham 1-0 at Old Trafford from a corner, but it was thanks to Craig Dawson’s ball sticking into his net.

In addition, only one goal has been scored from the set piece throughout the season.

Eric Ramsey was hunted down last summer by Solskir for working with Chelsea’s Under-23s.

The club’s website proudly announced that it would “take ownership” of the side seat pieces.

Ronaldo is United's top scorer.


Ronaldo is United’s top scorer.

Even with Liverpool, for example, scoring ten goals from the corner, Ramsey’s work will look useless in the background.

Either he, or he arrived with a shining reputation, no one is listening to him and not just the central bodyguard.

Ferguson’s teams, while praised for their attacking ability, still struggled to score, and headers from Bruce, Gary Palester, Brian Robson or Roy Kane often made the difference.

This is what United is doing for credibility, it can do with one of them instead of constantly relying on Cristiano Ronaldo.

And when he’s not scoring, as he failed to do so in six consecutive games against Brighton to the beauty of an opener, he fails even more.

Winning ugly is definitely not out of fashion.


Within an aspect where the beautiful game has just become a favorite memory, it will definitely help if one is willing to stick one’s head in the place where it hurts to win.

The ugly truth is that this never seems to happen.

There must be a reason for this too.

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