August 9, 2022

Viewers of the latest episode of Mega Mansion Hunters were stunned by an award show speech given by the property boss.

In the latest episode of Channel 4’s Megaman Hunters, the UK responds to a colorful speech by property owner Tyrone Ash on Sailing Sunset.


Mega Mansion Hunter star Tyrone Ash did not impress Channel 4 viewers.Credit: Channel 4

The good looking and enthusiastic sales team participated in the company’s quarterly awards.

Various agents raised a flag of awards while competing to become top agents.

Quas Miah won the big award, but it was Tyron’s outburst of anger while hosting his own awards that raised eyebrows.

Tyrone once said: “No one in this world gives you anything … the morality we have is to make a difference, if you don’t want to do that the door is there.

“I won’t put a gun to anyone’s head. Wait … go, I’ll book your taxi.”

He later said: “This industry is a dinosaur, it needs to be shaken and hit on its head.”

Viewers complained about Tyrone’s rude language on social media.

“I have a good kind of love. But not all things are needed in this speech. There is a time and place for that,” one Twitter fan complained.

Another added: “Boss don’t stop swearing in a big presentation in front of your manpower. It’s not great !!!!”

And the third wrote: “What a wonderful way to screw people over.”

A fourth commented: “What a horrible awards ceremony.”

The top real estate agent claims to have acquired سپر 300 million worth of “super prime luxury” lists from major players in the last 18 months.

Tyrone, 33, is no ordinary estate agent. He started his business two years ago, after spending 40 months in prison for drug dealing, and now employs a team of 100 people, who stand to earn up to k 80k on sales.

There’s no office or shop window, and the company’s incredible listings – including the 60 3 million penthouse with 360-degree view in Chelsea Harbor and the £ 5 million Surrey mansion with an indoor pool complex and cinema – to TikTok and Promoted on Instagram.

“The high street industry is full of dinosaurs,” says Tyrone, at the beginning of the show, with a wanab cast iron of The Apprentice with confidence. He adds: “I just want a real estate shark here.”

Viewers complained that Tyrone swore too much at the company's quarterly awards.


Viewers complained that Tyrone swore too much at the company’s quarterly awards.Credit: Channel 4
His team was more than bored with the shock of his tongue.


His team was more than bored with the shock of his tongue.

Mega Mansion Hunters is on Channel 4 and All 4 on Wednesday.

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