May 28, 2022

Being close to your parents is usually not a bad thing at all, except that it can be a problem if it starts to affect your romantic relationship.

A Redditor has this problem with his 28-year-old girlfriend whose mother would not let him out of the house without her, he wrote.


A user on Reddit asked for advice on a relationship with his girlfriend who keeps advising his mother to go with him.Credit: Getty

The user claimed that he has been dating his girlfriend for some time and the two are ready to go together.

However, his girlfriend suggested that his mother leave with him because she “does not want to be alone” and “he has no partner.”

Redditor writes that his girlfriend’s mother has no physical or financial need to live with her daughter.

“She will not let her daughter go alone in her life because she does not want to be alone,” he added.

He said it made him “feel like a teenager again” because he was “dating someone whose parents are always in his ear.”

Furthermore, she wrote that the mother always puts her problems on the daughter “so she always feels the need to be a savior for herself.”

“It’s a toxic relationship and she knows it and she’s tired of it …

“Is it worthwhile to wait and see if this changes? Should I express my frustration in the hope that it will improve the situation or that it will break the agreement?” He asked.

Many users responded with advice, as one wrote: “All you have to do is tell your GF, you are not interested in living with his mother, and in fact you consider him a deal breaker.”

He continued: “You have concerns about the basic functioning of this relationship because of her mother’s involvement and this is a perfectly valid concern.”

Another offered: “The more capable your girlfriend is of her mother’s behavior, the more things will never change for her.”

“She needs to work on herself and maybe some kind of therapy.”

“Mom has made your GF her surrogate emotional partner and your GF has accepted this role, because she has been training and manipulating it all her life,” explained another. Of

If you’re looking for more relationship drama, a woman’s husband says he won’t be in the delivery room for his baby unless her mother is there.

Meanwhile, another woman left her boyfriend stranded in a restaurant when he brutally brought her to the wait staff to ring the bell.

The user wrote that the mother has no real reason to go with him except that she does not want to be alone.


The user wrote that the mother has no real reason to go with him except that she does not want to be alone.Credit: Getty

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