May 26, 2022

A mother’s devastated ex-boyfriend who was killed while driving off a bridge by her new boyfriend has called her jail term a “joke”.

Connor McCarthy, 25, described her ex-Daniel Andrews as “a beautiful, loving person” when she died in the wreckage after a horrific morning bombing at the Coreton Interchange in Cardiff.


Connor and Daniel were in a relationship in 2019 – and now he’s paying tribute to his ex-girlfriendCredit: Facebook
The mother was described as


The mother was described as “a vibrant and intelligent young woman.”Credit: WNS

The mother of four, Danielle, died when her cocaine-driven boyfriend Andrew Walls failed to stop his VW golf in the red light as he drove at 64 mph in November 2020.

He then drove the car off a 22-foot bridge – his mother died in a horrific accident.

Daniel’s former colleague, Connor, a shop worker, paid tribute to the “dedicated” mother who died when the bridge collapsed.

He also said he was “terrified” of Wales’ statement – calling it a “joke”.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Connor said: “Daniel was a really nice person.

“She was incredibly loving and dedicated to her four children.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

“Those kids were his life.”

Connor went out with Daniel for several months in 2019, but their relationship ended and they went their separate ways.

The 25-year-old said: “I was very upset at the time, but what could I do?

“I decided that it would be best if we went our separate ways at the moment, but she was such a lovely woman that it was impossible for me to maintain any suspicion about her.”

Speaking about Daniel’s boyfriend – who drove the car off the bridge while using cocaine – Connor said: “I was horrified when I saw the man kill her. What a light prison sentence was passed for the cause.

“This idiot has killed her and left her children childless.

“Even so, he’ll be out of jail in four years. It’s probably a joke. He’ll have better hope that I never want to hit him again.”

‘No justice’

Wallace was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for causing death by dangerous driving – but he could be released on parole after serving half the time.

The court heard footage from roadside cameras showing the wheels failing to slow down as it approached the lights, then collided with a curb before traveling on two lanes of traffic and sank.

It then broke through the overpass barrier – causing the car to fly in the air after making “no attempt to apply the brakes”.

His family has criticized Wales for “betraying his trust” because he has “no regrets” about his destructive actions.

In a statement affecting the victims, Daniel’s family said: “Daniel was a dynamic and intelligent young woman.

“Daniel trusted Andrew Wales when she sat in the car with him that night, but he betrayed her trust.

According to her ex-boyfriend Connor, she was a 'dedicated' mother.


According to her ex-boyfriend Connor, she was a ‘dedicated’ mother.Credit: WNS
Daniel Cardiff, a mother of four, was crushed to death at Cortin Interchange in Cardiff


Daniel Cardiff, a mother of four, was crushed to death at Cortin Interchange in CardiffCredit: WNS

“Andrew Wales’ humiliating behavior has not only robbed Daniel of his future but also robbed his children of the opportunity to know their mother.

“She deserved better.”

Daniel’s family also said they received no “regrets” from the Wolves.

He also did not find any explanation as to why he suddenly sped off the road.

Defending Owen Williams, Wales said he “regrets” his actions.

He said: “He knows he has ruined lives and taken lives.”

Judge Richard Williams said: “It cannot be said that there is real remorse in this case as opposed to self-pity.

“It simply came to our notice then.

The court heard the car was traveling in the air at a speed of about 43 miles per hour before it crashed into a large tree and fell 75 feet to its roof.

Daniel, 28, was left “cocooned” in a car with a seat belt, while the Wolves went to the hard shoulder of the A470.

The court heard that Woles had nine points on his license at the time of the accident – and that he was not wearing a seat belt.

Blood tests showed he was five times higher than the drug’s legal limit after testing positive for cocaine.

The couple checked out of the Park Inn Hotel at 3.43am before driving on the roads at “excessive speed” in heavy rain.

The court heard text messages revealing that Wales was asking a dealer for cocaine at 4.01am.

‘Ruined Lives’

But just five minutes later, the car was caught on camera on a 40-mile-per-hour slip road before the red light returned.

Wallace lied to police after the crash, claiming that up to four people were inside the car at the time of the crash.

The Wolves in Kerfley, South Wales were also banned from driving for eight years and nine months – and will have to take an extended driving test.

CPS ‘Leighton Mawer said: “Andrew Vowles decided to drive in his own way and is responsible for what happened.

“It simply came to our notice then that a young woman took his life in a very tragic way.

“Our thoughts are with Daniel’s family and friends who have suffered terribly.”

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Cocaine-powered vaults failed to stop their VW golf at a red light as it drove at 64 miles per hour.


Cocaine-powered vaults failed to stop their VW golf at a red light as it drove at 64 miles per hour.Credit: Athena
Wales was driving at 64 miles per hour when he zoomed in on the red light.


Wales was driving at 64 miles per hour when he zoomed in on the red light.Credit: Athena
The car hit a tree and fell on the roof


The car hit a tree and fell on the roofCredit: Athena

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