May 28, 2022

The ‘Change the Way You Give’ campaign is a joint initiative of the Scarborough Rainbow Center, First Light Trust, and the Salvation Army, and is supported by the Scarborough Council.

All three charities have a role to play in helping the vulnerable and are well placed to deal with homelessness issues.

Trash Concela, manager of the Rainbow Center in Scarborough, said: “We are here for the most vulnerable people in the borough.

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The new campaign urges residents to donate to homeless charities instead of beggars.

“Our food bank is as busy as any of the facilities we offer in Scarborough, including showers, laundry and clothes for the homeless.

“Like the partner organizations we work with, we rely on donations for our income.”

The Ashley Foundation, a homeless charity, says it advises giving money directly to rough sleepers, with some warnings that it could increase drug and alcohol addiction, while others say homeless people It is often necessary to pay to help with the purchase of necessities.

The Salvation Army once again warns against giving money to beggars, saying it risks leaving people homeless and “trapped” in a “never-ending cycle” of sleep deprivation.

Advice on whether or not to give to beggars is mixed.

Matthew Downey, CEO of the national homeless charity Crisis, said in an earlier interview that whether or not people give money to beggars is a “personal decision.”

Major Stephen Noble of the Salvation Army said: “So we often have a dilemma. We see a weak person on the street and don’t believe that we should offer money that is inappropriate. Can be used from

“The ‘Change the way you give’ initiative allows members of the public to provide appropriate assistance, which not only addresses immediate needs but can also lead to life-changing assistance.”

The Scarborough Scheme has been developed using the experience of both the town of Harrogate and the city of Cambridge, with similar projects already underway.

Doranda Wolf Murray, chief executive and founding trustee of First Light Trust, said: “Preventing homelessness is key. Homelessness on the streets is something ‘in your face’ but the real problem is hidden.

“If people change the way they give to homeless people, they can help us make sure no veterans or families are cold or hungry.”

An easy-to-use text message system has been set up so that anyone can easily donate to one of the three charities involved.

To support this project, people should write the word CHANGES, then the amount they would like to donate (for example, to give CHANGES5 £ 5 or AN 10 to give CHANGES10) to the following numbers: :

70450 for your donation to support First Light Trust

70460 for your donation to help the Salvation Army

70470 for your donation to support the Rainbow Center in Scarborough

Text messages will cost a person’s chosen donation and a standard rate message.

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